customize your Facebook experience with Boost

Boost is a Firefox add-on developed by StudioLD which allows you to customized your Facebook experience with more then 300+ skins, 30+ features, one-click pokes, video downloader, rollover pictures, selectable options, and many more! Boost is fully compatible with Firefox 3.5 and new Facebook Interface.


  • Autopoke and EZPoke options
  • Auto-Refresh Home (beta)
  • Rollover image for each view in full size
  • Hundreds of Skins
  • Selectable Features - Use only what you want!
  • Quick Access icon in the status bar
  • Skins for school, Universities, sports and many others built in
  • Rollover all profile picture thumbnails
  • Auto-login and password is stored
  • One-click pokes
  • Easy to download facebook Videos
  • Move birthdays, pokes and events to top of homepage
  • Shorten your Facebook window titles
  • Skin Banner