10 Best online project management tools

project management is one of the most important key factor to determine the success of the organisation. it’s a process of managing a project through its life cycle, including planning, organizing and managing resources.

It can help you to achieve individuals goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of specific project goals and objectives.

In this article, you will read about the 10 great project management tools.

  1. PlanningForce

    PlanningForce is a multi-project, multi-calendar and multi-plan project management software focused on planning simulations, decisions makings and progress monitoring. It accelerates your planning and management by helping you in :

    1. Increase the productivity of your resources
    2. Reduce costs by optimizing the workforce
    3. Choose the most profitable project portfolio
    4. eliminate loss-making projects
    5. Deliver realistic, workable plans/schedules
    6. keep track of history
    7. Anticipate and control risks/uncertainties
    8. Save time to concentrate on your strategic tasks
  2. taskbarn – manage your project online

    taskbarn is an free easy to use project management and collaboration tools for individuals and teams. it allow you to Organize all project tasks in a TODO list.Communicate with project members through private messages and the project feed. it offer 100 MB of free storage space for easily Share files, web links, and other assets.

    you can Invite your clients, colleagues, and friends to collaborate with you on your project.Taskbarn is a completely web based project management and collaboration tools , so you can easily access your projects from anywhere with an internet connection.

  3. emanagr – Automated project management tool

    emanagr provide new approach to project management tools. it automatically manages your team so you can focus on your work. No customization, no complex configuration, no confusing plans.

  4. ExtremePlanner – Agile project planning and issue tracking

    Extreme Planner is a Web-based agile project planning and tracking solution for modern software development teams that work from different locations. It very useful tool for software development teams that allow to manage features, development tasks, and acceptance tests through multiple iterations and releases.

  5. AceFlex – Multi – project management tool

    AceFlex is a web based Multi-project management tool for daily management of incoming customer requests (helpdesk) with flexible options for communication, assignment of relevant personnel (group workability toward resolution per project) with automatic routing, planning accomplishments (calendar & estimates/deadlines), tracing individual productivity, comprehensive reporting for analysis of performance & business intelligence, and more.

  6. projectdo – online project management & collaborative portal

    projectdo is an web based project management and collaborative portal. An intuitive easy to use online application to manage small to very large projects. Regardless where you are in the world ProjectDo makes it simple to collaborate on Projects.

    It offer various range of online tools which simplify the day to day management of a project and communication. you can easily access to your projects anywhere you may be; at work, at home or anyplace around the world.

  7. ScrumEdge – Scrum Project Management Tool

    ScrumEdge is a web-based Scrum Project Management Tool that enables ScrumMasters using Scrum software development to better organize and manage their scrum project deliverables without being sidetracked.

    With ScrumEdge you’ll no longer need to deal with shared excel-sheets or walls covered in post-its! The icing on the cake is the ease with which ScrumMasters and Team Members can access their data and view a project’s progress from any location; office, home or even while traveling.

  8. Project2Manage

    Project2Manage is a web based project management tool that allows you to stay up-to-date, on task and connected with your team. it allow you to create, manage and complete projects in your day to day activities as well as your professional life.

  9. gantter – Gantt chart based estimation tool and project management

    gantter is a free web-based project management and estimation tool with Gantt charts.It’s perfect alternative tool for MS Project. It helps you to plan and estimate your project (duration, work, cost) by splitting the project into a number of tasks. Review you plan using Gantt charts, manage project resources (work or material), and assign them to tasks, manage project calendars among other features.

    Just like in MS Project you start by adding tasks, setting dependencies between them (Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Start), indenting them to create summary tasks. Then you add resources, modify their calendars if necessary, assign resources to tasks.

  10. Torch – online project management software

    Torch is a web-based project management platform that allows users to communicate with colleagues, clients and suppliers. Whether you’re forwarding in e-mail, or commenting on messages. With every project that you create can also receive attachments like; Messages,E-mails,Files,Events,Tasks,Google Docs, Time Tracking, Expense Tracking etc..

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