10 Best and Interesting Ajax Framework & library

According to “Wikipedia” :

An Ajax framework is a framework that helps to develop web applications that use Ajax, a collection of technologies used to build dynamic web pages on the client side. Data is read from the server or sent to the server by JavaScript requests.

In this article, you will read about the ten interesting Ajax framework to develop web applications quickly.

10 Interesting Ajax Framework & Library

1 Spry Framework

Spry Framework

The Spry framework for Ajax is a JavaScript library that provides easy-to-use yet powerful Ajax functionality that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. It is designed to take the complexity out of Ajax and allow designers to create Web 2.0 pages easily.

The spry framework supports XML, JSON, or HTML data into pages using HTML, CSS, and a minimal amount of JavaScript, without the need for refreshing the entire page. It is easy to build and style widgets, providing advanced page elements for end users. It is HTML-centric and easy to implement for users with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge.

Spry Framework

2 ASP.NET AJAX framework

ASP.NET Ajax Framework

ASP.NET AJAX is the free Microsoft AJAX framework for building highly interactive and responsive web applications that work across all popular browsers. The Asp.Net Ajax framework includes Server-Side and Client-Side Asp.Net Ajax, the Ajax Control Toolkit, and the jQuery library that provides easy-to-use yet powerful Ajax functionality.

It helps developers to choose their preferred method of AJAX development, whether it is server-side programming, client-side programming, or a combination of both.

Asp.net Ajax framework

3 ZK AJAX framework

ZK AJAX framework

ZK is an open-source, Standards-based Ajax plus Mobile Enterprise Framework. It is designed to maximize an enterprise’s operational efficiency and minimize development time and cost. With groundbreaking Direct RIA architecture, ZK simplifies and hastens the creation, deployment, and maintenance of rich Internet applications.

The benefits of using ZK :

  • Rich user experience
  • Direct RIA
  • Open Source
  • Standards-based
  • Markup and scripting Languages
  • Direct Push
  • Extensibility and Customizability
  • Security
  • Scalability, Clustering, and Failover
  • Mobile Access
  • Enterprise Support

ZK Framework

4 Thinwire AJAX RIA Framework

Thinwire Framework

ThinWire is an Open Source Web-based Ajax RIA Framework that allows you to quickly build applications for the web with responsive, expressive & interactive user interfaces. ThinWire is tested with All Major Ajax Browsers. ThinWire is a community-driven project.

The community-driven model is intended to allow a large and diverse community of ThinWire users to enhance, refine, and grow the framework to meet the community’s demands.

ThinWire RIA Framework

5 Taconite AJAX Framework

Taconite Ajax framework

Taconite is a cross-browser Ajax framework that simplifies the creation of Ajax-enabled Web applications. It’s a very lightweight framework that automates the tedious tasks related to Ajax development, such as the creation and management of the XMLHttpRequest object and the creation of dynamic content. Taconite can be used with all modern Web browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and Konqueror).

Taconite Framework

6 Buffalo AJAX Framework

Buffalo AJAX Framework

Buffalo is an open-source lightweight AJAX framework for java web projects. It is simple, easy to use, yet powerful. It solves most of the common problems during j2ee Ajax development. currently Buffalo AJAX Framework support IE5.5+/ Firefox1.0+/ Safari/ Opera8.5+ and also support OPOA(one page, one application).

Buffalo Framework

7 Salto AJAX Framework

Salto Ajax Framework

Salto framework is an AJAX-based framework that makes it possible to build a Web application very quickly. Salto Framework is based on Ajax, Struts, and J2EE technologies. It provides graphical components such as data tables, tree views, and list boxes and allows you to refresh only some parts on the screen. Releases under GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Salto Framework

8 Tigermouse AJAX Framework

Tigermouse - AJAX framework for PHP

Tigermouse is a lightweight, dynamic, and modern web application framework for PHP and AJAX. Tigermouse is well suited for enterprise-grade tasks because of its strong commitment to server-side business logic processing.

Tigermouse Framework

9 Zephyr Framework

Zephyr - Ajax PHP Framework

zephyr is an Ajax-based framework for php5 developers. You can quickly develop business applications using this robust framework. It is straightforward to learn and very simple to implement.

Zephyr Framework

10 Zaxas Framework

Zaxas Framework

Zaxas is an open-source Cross-browser Object-Oriented Ajax Framework. Ajax brings more interactive web, and Zaxas makes its implementation very simple. Build your Ajax web application on any platform with Zaxas. It’s licensed released under GNU General Public License (GPL). Simplicity is the key feature of Zaxas.

Zaxas Framework

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