100 Typography Resources for Professional Designers


40  Excellent Freefonts for Professional Design

Lists of Great Fonts:

50 Incredible Fonts for Professional Web & Print Designnoupe

75+ Excellent Free Fonts For Professional Design – Tripwire magazine

40+ Excellent Freefonts for Professional Design – Smashing Magazine

80 Beautiful Typefaces for Professional Design – Smashing Magazine

60 Brilliant Typefaces for Corporate Design – Smashing Magazine

30 Fonts that All Designers Must Own – Just Creative Design

Most Popular Free Quality Fonts – Tech Magazine

Great Fonts for Web 2.0 – Modern Life is Rubbish

13 Typefaces Every Graphic Designer Needs – David Airey

25 Best Free Quality Fonts – Vitaly Friedman

21 Most Used Fonts By Professional Designers –DKumar m

Download Fonts:

1001 Free Fonts – 1001 free fonts

Dafont – One of the most popular sources of free fonts

Urban Fonts – More than 8,000 fonts to choose from

Better Fonts – Over 10,000 free fonts

Fawnt – Over 9,000 fonts

RFonts.com – Hundreds of fonts categorized by style

FlashDen – Commercial pixel fonts

Font Freak – 5,000 free fonts and 25,000 commercial fonts

High Fonts – 3,000 free fonts, 25,000 commercial fonts

Better Fonts – 10,000 fonts and counting

Abstract Fonts – 10,000 free fonts

Daily Free Fonts – Thousands of free fonts

SearchFreeFonts – 13,000 free fonts and more that can be purchased

1001 Free Fonts – Nicely categorized

1001 Fonts – Free fonts by category

File Cart – Over 9,000 free fonts

Acid Fonts – Categorized free fonts

Absolute Fonts – Almost 7,000 fonts

The Font Pool – Over 40,000 fonts

Type Now – Currently 6,846 fonts

SimplyTheBestFonts – A lot of different categories to choose from

Fonts 500 – The web’s top 500 free fonts

FontCubes – Over 9,000 free fonts

Free Mac Fonts – Over 6,000 fonts for Macs

WebPagePublicity – Over 6,000 fonts

Phil’s Fonts – Commercial

Fonts for Flash – Commercial

Font Garden – 1,500 fonts not very well categorized

2200FreeFonts – Not categorized

ShowFont – 10,000 fonts only in alphabetical order

GetFreeFonts.info – 2,500 fonts in alphabetical order

Creamundo – Almost 10,000 fonts, but difficult to find what you want


Font Tester – View and compare fonts easily

TypeTester – An easy way to compare fonts on-screen

CSSTYPE – Another useful font testing tool

Em Calculator – Converts size in pixels to relative em units, which are based on a text size

Lorem Ipsum – The best tool for creating dummy text

What the Font? – Upload a file and it will identify a font

Colour Contrast Check – Specify a foreground and a background colour and determine if they provide enough of a contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen

FontExplorer X – Free font management software

Designer Plaything – The Standalone Web Typography and Colour Testing Tool

CSS with Vertical Rhythm – Will help you compute CSS that has a consistent vertical rhythm

Baseline Rhythm Calculator – Helps you to generate a stylesheet


A Guide to Web Typography – I Love Typography

15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography – I Love Typography

The Anatomy of Web Fonts – SitePoint

The Principles of Beautiful Typography – SitePoint

How to Size Text in CSS – A List Apart

Power to the People: Relative Font Sizes – A List Apart

Typography Matters – A List Apart

The Non-Typographer’s Guide to Practical Typeface Selection – Cameron Moll

5 Simple Steps to Better Typography – Mark Boulton

The Effect of Website Typeface Appropriateness on the Perception of a Company’s Ethos – Usability News

How to Size Text Using Ems – Clagnut

13 Ways of Looking at a Type Face – Design Observer

Typography and Web Advertising: Making Every Opportunity Count – Digital Web Magazine

Better Font Management – Digital Web Magazine

CSS Typography – Digital Web Magazine

15 Tips to Choose a Good Type Text – Typies

Fonts on the Web and a List of Web Safe Fonts – Dustin Brewer

Serif vs. San Serif – KuraFire Network

Web Typography Cheat Sheet – Modern Life

Working with a Limited Font Set on the Web – Modern Life

Typography Tips and Advice for Graphic Design Students – David Airey

Logo Type Guide – RedSun

Typo Tips – The FontFeed

Choosing Type Alignments for the Web – Astheria

Motion Typography: 4 Approaches to Kinetic Text – Wisdump

It’s All About Legibility – Fonts.com

Know Your Type – iStockphoto

The Showcase of BIG Typography – Smashing Magazine


Browser Safe Fonts

Top 10 Web Safe Fonts

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Web Typography Style Guide

An Introduction to Font Families and Font Choices

ABC Typography: A Virtual Type Museum

TypeNeu – Typography News

Nice Web Type – Gallery

Typography Crashcourse Roundup

Combined Font Survey Results

Typography for Headlines – Gallery of Headlines

Accessible Web Typography


Typography Videos at Yuxt

Typography Glossary

Text Sizing Methods by Browser

Font Classification


Typography in the Behance Network

Movie Fonts

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