12 Free Wiki Styled Web Tools and Applications


According to Wikipedia :

Wiki is a website that uses wiki software that allows anyone to add and edit any Web pages using a simple WYSIWYG text editor within the browser. Here we have listed 12 Free Wiki Styled Web Tools and Applications.

Free Wiki Styled Web Tools and Applications

1 Wikirank – Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

wikiRank Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

Wikirank is a Free service that allows you to track what people are reading on Wikipedia. It is based on actual usage data from the Wikipedia servers, which the Wikimedia Foundation makes available as a public service.

It uses this data, processes it, and gives it back to you in a format that’s easy to use and share. In addition, Wikirank reveals emerging trends and lets you embed relevant charts in blog posts and on social media sites.

There are three ways to track what’s happening on Wikirank.

  1. Compare Wikipedia Topics: Easily compare two or more topics that we’ve chosen. You can view more detail on the featured topics, share the chart with others, or choose your terms to compare.
  2. Go where the action is. : Track the most dramatic traffic shifts in the last twenty-four hours.
  3. See what’s popular: It will show most visits over the last thirty days in the right column.


2 Recipester – Wiki Based Community

Recipester - wiki-based community for sharing tips and tricks about topics

Recipester is a wiki-based community for sharing tips and tricks about topics you are an expert in. With recipester, anyone can easily submit a new article, edit pages, and share knowledge and solve specific software problems in a revolutionary way easier, quicker, and more effectively.

The Quality of content is always high because of the active participation community of trusted co-creators, most of whom are experts in their field. – Recipester

3 Swirrl – Wiki-like data collaboration Tool

swirrl - data collaboration application

Swirrl is a web Based wiki-like data collaboration application that allows you to store, share, edit, and analyze information online.

But it also has spreadsheets and database functionality too. It Mainly focused on business use rather than consumer use. It’s a hosted web application, there is nothing to install, and you can get started in a few minutes, with no help needed from the IT department.

All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.6+, Camino 1.5+, or Chrome). – Swirrl

4 Luminotes – WYSIWYG based Personal Wiki Notebook

luminotes - Your Personal Wiki Notebook

Luminotes is an open-source WYSIWYG-based personal wiki notebook for organizing your notes and ideas. It’s specially designed for note-taking and note-keeping without the hassle of learning special markup codes. You start typing.

With Luminotes, you can easily create, store, edit, and share all your notes and ideas. It also allows you to create links and attach files to your notes. – Luminotes

5 Nuospace – Web-based Enterprise Wiki


Nuospace is a web-based enterprise wiki powered by document management features. As a result, you and your workmates can easily collaborate effectively, no need to study wiki markup or work with a designer.

Text can be edited within your browser using the WYSIWYG editor. Edit your pages online just the way you would in a regular word processor.

Share text information through wiki pages – no need to create a separate document. The wiki has all basic document management features such as approval, rejection, lock/unlock, notification, routing, and easy tracking of all critical documents and content. – Nuospace

6 Piwik – Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

piwik Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

Piwik is a downloadable, open-source (GPL licensed) web analytics software program. It helps you archive detailed reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages.

Because it has been built on top of APIs, all the data is available through simple-to-use APIs. Furthermore, all features in Piwik are built inside plugins: you can download new plugins and quickly build your own.

The user interface is fully customizable and light speed. It aims to be an open-source alternative to Google Analytics. – Piwik

7 Wikidot – Free Wiki Styled Web Tools


Wikidot.com is a farm of Wiki Sites, and Wikidot is a web-based tool to create a website without knowing HTML, PHP, JavaScript.

Its mission is to provide free and professional wiki publishing, collaboration, and communication solutions to anyone who needs them and wants it. – Wikidot

8 Wikispaces – Online Collaboration Tool

wikispaces - Wikis for Everyone

Wikispace is an online collaboration tool that allows multiple users to interact and work together. It comes with WYSIWYG Page Editor is as easy to use as a word processor.

You can format your text, insert images and files, add widgets, and link to other pages using a simple toolbar. Create your wiki and invite an unlimited number of people to it.

You can also create an unlimited number of pages and discussion posts on your wiki and easily collaborate. – Wikispaces

9 PBworks – Online Collaboration Tool

pbworks - Online Collaboration and Project Management

PBworks is an online collaboration and project management tool for small businesses and small teams/groups in larger companies looking for an easy, secure way to collaborate at work.

Multiple people collaborate on the same page. No need to send documents around and wait for comments. – PBworks

10 ProjectOffice – Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

projectoffice - Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

ProjectOffice is a Free online project management tool to manage projects and tasks, manage time, track issues, and collaborate on wikis.

You can create projects and tasks, import and export projects and files from Excel and MS Projects, assign tasks to project members, track time, expenses, and issues. The entire project team can collaborate and share knowledge. – ProjectOffice

11 Springnote – Free Open ID enabled Web Apps

springnote - free online notebook based on wiki

Springnote is a free OpenID-enabled web application that aims to provide a collaborative online notebook by capturing the essence of the wiki.

It allows you to create pages, work on them together with your friends, and share files. As a result, you can organize all the information you need at your fingertips.

Not only can you keep your pages private to yourself, but also you can create public pages where anyone can come to edit and view them. Springnote’s Open API allows developers to create various mashups for Springnote. – Springnote

Key Features

  1. Notebook creation
  2. Springnote Editor
  3. Page Hierarchy System
  4. Free 2GB File Storage
  5. Effortless Interlinking
  6. XHTML compatible
  7. OpenID Authentication

12 Wetpaint – Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

wetpaint - Free Wiki Styled Web Tools

Wetpaint is a free wiki hosting service, which allows you to build a rich online community and Wikis by Utilizing the best features of wikis, blogs, forums, and social networks. – Wetpaint

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