12 Graphics/Images/Photographs Freeware Utilities for designers


As Web designers we are always in search of Graphics/Images/Photographs Freeware Utilities for making web project more dynamic and creative . Today we listed 12 Graphics/Images/Photographs Freeware Utilities for designers and developers etc. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

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1. png2ico : convert .png file into .ico format


2. AutoTrace : convert bitmap to vector graphics

AutoTrace 3.convert bitmap to vector graphics : Potrace

Potrace  4.convert scanned text into text : GOCR 

kooka_gocr_result GOCR 5. create a flash based photo album : zphoto 

create a flash based photo album zphoto

6.create an html photo album : Thotor 

create an html photo album Thotor 7. create schematic drawings : XCircuit 

create schematic drawings  XCircuit

8. view images in an album folder : IMGV 

imgv-transparent IMGV

9.stitch panoramic photographs : hugin

stitch panoramic photographs hugin 10.organize photos in albums : ctPhotoBook

organize photos in albums ctPhotoBook 11. model using computer-aided-design : PythonCAD

# model using computer-aided-design PythonCAD 12.model using computer-aided-design : Sailcut CAD

model using computer-aided-design Sailcut CAD

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