12 useful Firefox Add-on to Enhance your Google search experience


Google is a most-used search engine on the Web. we all use Google search many a times, daily.

Whether you are searching for a any particular topic or useful software, Google is always your favorite search engine.

Here are some useful Firefox Add-on to Enhance your Google search experience.


12 useful Firefox Addons to Enhance your Google search

  1. Custom Google Search

    Custom Google Search is a Firefox Add-ons that allow you to create, use and manage your own Google Custom Search Engines right from within Firefox. it give you opportunity to select which websites you want to remove and which to boost. You can integrate your own favorite search engines into Google using customizable refinements.

  2. Spific

    Spific is very useful Firefox Add-ons that allow you to search the entire internet directly from our homepage or select a specific category. Each search focuses on a specific topic and will guide you to the highest quality results by allowing you to refine your results by date, site, and category. Spific searches mainly focus on those websites that provide superior design and content allowing users access to the best the online world has to offer.

  3. Google Feature Search

    Google Feature Search is a Firefox add-ons that help you to get familiar with the Google features Search. such as define:Firefox is for searching the definitions of word Firefox but very users knows how to use it Everybody knows that Google has added some features with its search but very few users knows how to use those features. so this add-ons will help you to search Google with Google feature search .

  4. BetterSearch

    Better Search is a browser add-on for Firefox which enhances Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing by adding small thumbnails with your search result. it also provide “Site Info”, “Wayback Machine” links and a Quick Preview feature to the your search results.

  5. Google Site Indexer

    Google Site indexer is a Firefox add-on that allow user to use Google’s Advanced Operators like Site and Inurl functions . By sending a site query such as, site:dreamcss.com, to Google, you can easily retrieve all files related to your site query which Google has indexed. Google only retrieves a maximum of a thousand results. In order to get more results, one can combine the advanced operators, such as site:dreamcss.com inurl:Firefox add-on. GSI does both of these in order to generate a site index.

  6. True Knowledge

    True Knowledge answer engine is also known as Google Enhancer. It’s an Firefox extension/add-on for enhances your search engine results by inserting a direct answer to your question above your regular search results. It’s very easy to use. When you search for specific information on your search engine, It automatically add related information from web . If we don’t find a related answer then your search results will remain unchanged.

  7. Search Cloudlet

    Search Cloudlet is an easy-to-use Firefox add-on that inserts smart tag clouds into your Google / Yahoo / Twitter interface to help you navigate more efficiently through search results.

  8. Advanced SERPAnalytics Google search

    Advanced SERP Analytics Google search is a new SEO tool to analyze SERPs. It help you to enhance your Google search and analyze the obtained results in SERPAnalytics. It offer various SEO Tools along with access to database records of essential SEM data, such as dynamics, search engine positions archive and keywords data.

  9. Googlebar Lite

    Googlebar Lite is a light-weighted Google search toolbar for Firefox. It Offers 14 search types, search history auto-completion, customizable toolbar (place it anywhere), search word highlighting, and many more!

  10. SearchMenu

    Search menu is a Firefox add-ons that reduces the time you spend for searching. it formerly know as KallOut. you can easily search the top sites on the web just by Selecting text on any web page or document. Search Menu (formerly known as kallout) now also work with Microsoft Office doc or Adobe PDF . It Automatic BestGuess suggestions give you immediate access to Google Maps, YouTube Videos, Wikipedia Articles, Twitter, Facebook, and much more!

  11. Xmarks

    Xmarks Search Tabs allow you to search Google with the addition of colorful tabs containing the top web sites related to your search, grouped by topic. it Offers bookmark synchronization, search enhancement and web discovery based on sites bookmarked by users.

  12. Go To Google

    Displays Google’s icon on Firefox’s status bar; when you click it will load Google.com homepage in a new tab.

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