15 Ajax Calendar collection


Ajax, or AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is a group of interrelated web development techniques used to create interactive web applications or rich Internet applications. AJAX is a type of programming made popular in 2005 by Google , With AJAX you can create better, faster, and more user-friendly web applications .
Today, we are listing out 15 Ajax Calendar which are using Ajax Techniques to create professional dynamic Calendar for web project .

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1.Ajax enabled DatePicker v4 :
DatePicker v42. VLA Calendar version 2 :
VLA-Calendar-version-2 3. Sliding Date Picker :
Sliding Date Picker
4. Aeron Calendar : Moo Plugin :
Aeron Calendar Moo Plugin
5. Time Picker – Moo Tools :
Time Picker - Moo Tools 6.Customizable calendar component :
Customizable calendar component
7. Vista-like Ajax Calendar :
Vista-like Ajax Calendar 8.jQuery:time/datePicker :
jQuery time date Picker 9. PBBDatePicker – Moo tools :
PBBDatePicker - Moo tools 10. Selecting Dates in Calendar :
Selecting Dates in Calendar 11. Fancy moo tools date picker :
Fancy moo tools date picker
12. Clean Calendar :
Clean Calendar 13. Coolest DHTML Calendar :
Coolest DHTML Calendar
14. Date picker Widget :
Date picker Widget
15. Yet another JQuery Calendar :
Yet another JQuery Calendar

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