15 Awesome jQuery plug-in


jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

Today we listed 15 Awesome jQuery plug-in etc. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

1 jQuery Cross Select Plugin

This plugin can replace any multiple select elements with a “switch item to the other column” interface more intuitive to use, and more similar to that seen in many desktop applications.

jQuery cross Select plugin

2 Fulltext Area jQuery plugin

3 jQuery Time Entry plugin

A jQuery plugin that sets an input field up to accept a time value using a spinner. The time entry functionality can easily be added to an input field with appropriate default settings. Also shown is the control’s appearance when disabled.

4 OpenSocial

OpenSocial is a jQuery based concise JavaScript Library for rapid OpenSocial Gadgets development. When you use OpenSocial-jquery, you can develop OpenSocial Gadgets by the method of developing the website by jQuery. OpenSocial jquery is a package of customized jQuery and plugins.


11 jmodal – jQuery Modal Dialog

This plugin implements a FaceBook-like modal dialog.


12 JQuery drag and drop the plugins – jdragndrop

JQuery drag and drop the plug-ins - jdragndrop
Jdragndrop can more easily use the drag and drop elements to achieve results.


13 jYouTube

here is the final jQuery YouTube plugin code:

Here is how you use jYouTube plugin in your own code:
// Returns big screenshot by video id

// Returns small thumbnail by YouTube video URL
$.jYoutube(‘http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSUfWXcNAOw’, ‘small’);


14 GalleryView

15 jqDock

jqDock jQuery plugin

Transform a set of images into a Mac-like Dock menu,  horizontal or vertical, with icons that expand on rollover.


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