15 Interesting online presentations for web developers


If you are looking for free resources to learn Ajax, PHP, CSS and JavaScript take a look at this collection with six interesting online presentations about these topics. The list includes a short introduction to Ajax, how to write modular CSS code, PHP Object Model fundamentals, and an overview of the most popular JavaScript libraries.

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1.Ajax 101 | Workshop
Author: Bill Scott | This presentation on SlideShare

Introduction to programming with Ajax. Covers XMLHttpRequest, XML, JSON, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Dom Scripting, Event Handling with some examples from YUI library.

2. The Essence of Design for Startups:
Author: J. Arun | This presentation on SlideShare
The essence of design from a startup perspective for non-designers

3. AJAX Coding Techniques for Domino Developers :

Author: dom inion | This presentation on SlideShare

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to create richly interactive, fluid, and responsive Domino applications. Quickly cover all the basics, and then dive into AJAX design patterns, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and a series of real-world examples demonstrating solid AJAX coding techniques.

4. Modular CSS :
Author: Russ Weakley | This presentation on Slide Share
A clearly explained modular system that allows you to hide and show CSS rules to specific browsers without the need for extensive hacks or workarounds.

5. Designing Intactive Content :
Author: avanconas | This presentation on Slide Share

Interactive content is content that is changed/updated/added/deleted at the customer site without interfering with the customer or your production process. Based on our experience this webinar will illustrate how to successfully design & implement interactive content.

6. Understanding the PHP Object Model
Author: Sebastian Bergmann | This presentation on SlideShare
This talk will give an overview of PHP’s object model, covering both basic OOP concepts such as interfaces, classes, and objects as well as PHP’s “magic” interceptor methods.

7. PHP Code And Search Engine Optimation :
Author : Seo Indonesia | This presentation on SlideShare

8 white hat SEO method for PHP developers

8. jQuery in 15 minutes
Author: Simon | This presentation on SlideShare
A short introduction to jQuery in particular about functions, collections, grabbing values, and chaining.

9. Learning jQuery in 30 minutes :
Author : simon | This presentation on SlideShare
Slides from a half-hour jQuery tutorial at BarCamp

10. JavaScript Library Overview
Author: Jeresig | This presentation on SlideShare
An interesting Overview about the most popular JavaScript libraries (jquery, prototype, Scriptaculous…) for web designers.

11. Learning to love absolute CSS positioning:

Author: huer1278ft | This presentation on SlideShare

12. Css positioning :
Author: ohmdesign | This presentation on SlideShare
This slide explains CSS layout: absolute positioning, floating, liquid layout, “faux columns”

13.The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design :
Author: SitePoint | This presentation on SlideShare
The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design — By SitePoint

14. Web 2.0 Technology: Future Interfaces for Technology Enhanced Learning?
Author : Martin Ebner | This presentation on SlideShare

15. Application Interface Design
Author :garrettdimon | This presentation on SlideShare
Here are some of the ideas and concepts driving the interface design of my new application

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