PHP – Ajax based Chat Applications

While talking about PHP – Ajax based Chat Applications, People think about the Gmail and Facebook inline chat modules which is very popular inline chat modules.
In this article you will read about the PHP – Ajax based Chat Applications which is very useful to create your own chat applications.

  1. Mia Chat - PHP – Ajax Chat Application

    Mia-Chat is a web based Ajax chat application developed with JavaScript & PHP which is very easy to use and simple to setup. Mia-Chat supported to Database platform agnostic .
    It functions similar to the messenger applications, you can add smiley , chat with several users at the same time, change your online status & more.
    Mia-Chat aims to support the many databases for storing data like; MySQL 4, MySQL 5 IBM DB2, Oracle 8+, MS SQL Server 2000+, SQLite 2+, PostgreSQL 7+ and also PHP 5 and Apache Web Server 1.3+ require to run smoothly.
    Demo : Mia Chat Demo

  2. JibberBook

    Free Ajax Guestbook Application: JibberBook
    JibberBook is an easy-to-use, open-source guestbook built with PHP5 and JavaScript. It aims to create a pleasant user experience while giving you much flexibility.
    It stores the data in a XML file , but you can switch to MySQL it's an optional and provides an easy to use user-friendly interface enhanced by the light-weight library, Mootools.
    For Security , Jibberbook use HTML Filtering for filtering inputs against XSS attacks and Akismet for spam protection.

  3. wTag - PHP + Ajax shoutbox

    PHP- -Ajax-shoutbox
    wTag is a shout box that is written in JavaScript and PHP, and using Ajax to exchange data with the server without need to reload an entire page.
    It use MySQL database to stores the data and support to CSS based drop-down smiley menu for easily enable/disable the display of smiley and smiley menu.
    Other features of this PHP shoutbox script are:
    1. Replace URLs catched in a message with clickable links.
    2. UTF-8 encoding for multilingual support.
    3. Compliance with XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS.
    4. Highly customizable : it's easy to change the chat box look by editing the CSS files.
    5. A form validation and warnings display system.
    6. Anti-spam filter: blocks messages that contain words or phrases that you set in the configuration file.

  4. AJAX Chat

    Ajax chat is a free and fully customizable open source web chat software implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Ajax chat also supports voice chat using Flash, Socket support using Flash on client-side and Ruby on server-side.
    You can easily integrates AJAX Chat with phpbb, MyBB, PunBB, SMF, vBulletin and other PHP community software.
    Some beautiful features include :
    • Multilanguage support
    • Multiple channels
    • Private messaging
    • Private channels
    • Kick and Ban offending Users
    • Online users list with user menu
    • BBCode support
    • Splitting of long words to preserve chat layout
    • Clickable Hyperlinks
    • Flood control
    • Possibility to delete messages inside the chat
    • Easy interface to add custom commands
    • Possibility to enable/disable guest users
    • Multiple styles
    • Chat window adjusts to browser window with included styles
    • Standards compliance (XHTML 1.0 strict)
    • Realtime monitoring and logs viewer
    • Easy integration into existing authentication systems
    • Well commented source code
    Ajax Chat required following scripts to run smoothly :
    1. Server-Side:
      • PHP >= 4
      • MySQL >= 4
      • Ruby >= 1.8 (optional)

    2. Client-Side:
      • Enabled JavaScript
      • Enabled Cookies
      • Flash Plugin >= 9 (optional)

  5. ajax im

    ajax-im-instant messaging client
    Ajax im is a browser-based instant messaging client which uses AJAX to create a real-time chat environment. It can be added to any intranet, and social websites or communities to help user to easily communicate with each other .
    No refreshing of the page is ever needed , as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript. ajax im is a multilingual script and is available in 18 languages.

  6. YShout 5 a Beautfiul PHP + Ajax Shoutbox

    YShout 5 is a lightweight yet full-featured package that allows you to easily add an interactive shoutbox to your website . so that you can easily chat with your visitors in real time.
    It also Fully customizable via CSS, It means you can easily change your YShout 5 appearance as per your website requirement .
    YShout is the perfect complement to your standards-valid website. It outputs proper XHTML styled by completely customizable (and almost equally valid) CSS. YShout is also non-intrusive, so you can stop worrying about ruining your perfect markup. Just toss in an empty div and you're done!