16 Free adobe air desktop apps

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-operating system run time that enables web developers to use their existing web development skills, code and tools to build and deploy rich web applications and content to the desktop.

The only requirement is that to run the Adobe AIR Application you need the AIR runtime engine installed in your system.

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Gmail related Adobe AIR applications

  1. Gmail Note - Adobe air Apps for Gmail

    Gmail Note is a simple and light weighted Gmail Notifier which allow user to create a private note for each conversation in your Gmail account.It is a light weighted application with the following feature list.

    • Highlight new emails
    • Safe Account storage
    • Multi Gmail Account handling
    • Auto refresh
    • Short content of the email
    • Reach your Gmail workplace with a double click

Facebook related Air Applications

  1. Facebook Chat Standalone

    Facebook Chat Standalone is a free adobe air application specially designed to use facebook chat, without a web browser having to be open. it Uses simple iframe to show facebook chat in a simple, standalone window.

  2. facedesk

    Use Facebook as a stand-alone Desktop application, instead of having to open it in a web browser. Facedesk is an stand-alone Desktop application to do all your Facebook surfing with. No need to open it up in a web browser, or have it clutter your workspace. To Start facedesk, just press alt-tab (on Windows or Linux) or Cmd-tab (on Mac) to shift between this application and the other ones you are running.

  3. feedalizr

    Feedalizr is a Free Adobe AIR Desktop Social Media client for multiple Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Video Video and Flickr. It allow you to post update to your favorite social networking sites like facebook,twitter, friendfeed etc.. give comments on your friends update, like, favorite, tweet, reply directly from your Desktop. One of the key features is de-duping, which means that duplicates are highlighted to save the user time from constantly reading the same update twice.

  4. Flair Adobe Air Apps for Flickr

    Flair is a free adobe air application that lets you know whenever someone poke you, or someone writes on your wall, or adds you as a friend - without having to constantly check the Facebook website or your email.

  5. Orsiso Adobe AIR-based social network organization app

    OrSiSo stand for (Organize, Simplify, Socialize). OrSiSo is a adobe air based application that allow you to organize all your social networks and business information in one desktop application. you can Chat, Tweet, update your status from a single application. Filter your friends updates with the Social Firewall and Group your friends from Inner to Outer Circle.

Twitter Related Air Application

  1. Birdshot - Adobe Air based Desktop Twitter Apps

    Birdshot is a simple Adobe Air desktop application for twitter which allow you to send tweets and tell you when you have receive new responses. with Birdshot you can manage multiple Twitter accounts without getting distracted. Birdshot covers the basics features : sending tweets and displaying the total number of recent mentions, replies, and direct messages. Click on any stat to link directly to results on twitter.com.

  2. DestroyTwitter Adobe air apps for twitter


    DestroyTwitter is a compact though robust Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. It consists of a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets up-to-date using notifications that appear when a new tweet arrives.

  3. ShareFire - Adore air based feed reader for Twitter

    ShareFire - Adore air based feed reader for Twitter

    ShareFire is a feature-rich Multilanguage supported news aggregator that lets you share stories via AIM, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, email and more with no copying and pasting, or dragging and dropping. you can share your stories directly from share fire to Facebook, Delicious, Digg, Newsvine, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, and Windows Live Favorites. Built-in support for AIM, Twitter, and email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or your default email client).

  4. Sideline from Yahoo!

    Sideline is an open source Adobe AIR desktop application built with the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI). It allows users to create and group custom queries by topics of interest and monitor the Twitter public timeline.

  5. Twitterlocal

    TwitterLocal is an Adobe-AIR based client that shows you location-based Twitter feeds from the public timeline. So user can organize feeds from this site based on location, as well as use the TwitterLocal AIR client to subcribe to location feeds.

Design and development related Adobe Air Applications :

  1. SearchCoders Dashboard

    SearchCoders Dashboard

    The SearchCoders Dashboard provides a centralized resource where Flex developers can find information and share their knowledge with others.

  2. MiniTask - Adobe Air based Minimalist Task Management

    MiniTask - Adobe Air based Minimalist Task Management

    MiniTask is a FREE and easy-to-use task management application that helps you with organising your daily todos very quickly. It supports features like drag 'n' drop reorder, alarm timers, task sheet printing and customisation of styles.

  3. htmlText Editor - adobe air editor apps for HTML

    htmlText Editor - adobe air editor apps for HTML

    A WYSIWYG editor for htmlText. Since the html markup used in Flex components that have an htmlText property use a subset of html, you can't use Dreamweaver or other HTML editors for WYSIWYG editing. This will help you create your htmlText visually, speeding up the workflow.

  4. Websnapshot - Adobe air Apps for Web Screenshot

    Adobe AIR application for web screensot

    Websnapshot allows you type a URL and then take a snapshot using one of the three sizing methods; Thumbnail, Browser or full page view.

  5. ColourLovers Desktop Color Finder

    ColourLovers Desktop Color Finder

    You can use the Desktop Color Finder to search our entire database of nearly 1 million named colors and more than 300,00 user created color palettes.