45 free facebook themes/skin for facebook user


If Orkut and Twitter user personalized their theme with third-party themes, then why can’t Facebook users? Today we listed 45 free Facebook themes/skin for Facebook users.

Some of them add more Beauty to your own Facebook user profile and user-friendliness to Facebook. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

The life-span of these themes is not much as Facebook keeps changing their code. The articles given below have been hand-picked by me and were all working fine.

They are also regularly updated by the original designers.

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There are three basic requirements before you can use the themes.

  1. Mozilla Firefox (Download it from here!)
  2. Grease monkey add-on for Firefox and Opera users
  3. Stylish add-on for Firefox

I recommend you to Install the Stylish add-on for Firefox. You can easily customize facebook themes/skin as per your choices, r you can create your own Facebook themes/skin with the help of CSS. If you already meet all the requirements, then let the themes begin! Download your favorite piece, licks on thee of the book theme. If you have any problem with changing your Facebook theme, please see the video tutorial to easily your Facebook theme.





1 transparent Green color 2009 theme

transparent Green colour 2009 theme

2 windows Green black transparent

windows Green black transparant

3 Window Vista Ultimate Skin for Facebook

Vista Ultimate Skin for Facebook

4 The theme for Facebook – Jonas Brothers

Theme for Facebook - Jonas Brothers

5 Pink & love Skin Transparent theme

Pink & love Skin Tranparant

6 Facebook Yellow – Transparent Skin

Facebook Yellow - Transparant Skin

7 My Chemical romance facebook theme

My Chemical romance skin

8 Facebook theme – Mickey mouse 2009

Facebook theme - Mickey mouse 2009

9 Facebook Skin – Blue facebook 2009

Facebook Skin - Blue facebook 2009

10 The theme for Facebook – Football – Liverpool

Theme for Facebook - Football - Liverpool

11 Beyoncé facebook theme


12 Bob Marley (Reggae ) facebook theme

Bob Marley (Reggae ) facebook theme

13 Green Hill facebook theme

Green Hill facebook Skin

14 Super Mario-facebook-theme


15 The Simpsons-facebook-theme


16 Blue theme/skin for Facebook :

Blue theme/skin for Facebook

17 Facebook DARK Theme/ Skin


18 Facebook Black v2


19 Spring Theme


20 Summer Theme

facebook theme

21 Facebook – Pink Transparent


22 purple Facebook Theme:


23 simple white textured theme


24 white baroque-floral facebook theme

white-baroque-floral-faceboook theme

25 green rendered pattern facebook theme

green-rendered-pattern-facebook theme

26 facebook sky background theme


27 Hello Kitty facebook theme


28 Steel facebook theme


29 Yellow facebook theme


30 Blue facebook theme


31 Naruto Facebook theme


32 Batman facebook theme


33 High School Musical facebook theme

High School Musical facebook theme

34 The theme for Facebook – Football – Milan

Theme for Facebook - Football - Milan

35 The theme for Facebook – Football – Manchester United

Theme for Facebook - Football - Manchester United

36 Facebook theme – Football – Arsenal

Facebook theme - Football - Arsenal

37 Facebook theme – Hannah Montana

Facebook theme - Hannah Montana

38 Facebook theme – NFL – Washington Redskins


39 Facebook – Batman Skin 2009


40 Facebook Spiderman theme


41 Transparent blue-black facebook theme

 Transparant blue black facebook theme

42 FaceBook theme – EMO skin Green Black

FaceBook - EMO skin Green Black

43 Facebook theme – Galaxy Blue, transparency

Facebook theme - Galaxy Blue, transparency

44 Facebook – skin green transparent

Facebook - skin green transparant

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