The 5 Best New Time Tracking Tools


Time tracking applications help track all your tasks, issues, projects, and time spent on your project. It helps you plan, organize, and manage resources to complete specific projects or goals at a specific time.

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In this article, you will read about the five new Time Tracking tools.

1. ClientSpot Time tracking tools

ClientSpot Time tracking Application

ClientSpot is a Web-based time tracking tool designed specifically for freelancers, Graphic designers, Web developers, and small businesses with remote teams to collaborate on projects. ClientSpot brings together all the pieces of your client and team interactions, from project and task management to file sharing, time tracking, and calendaring.


  • Keeps everything together – tracks your tasks and files securely across multiple clients and projects.
  • Automates Time Tracking.
  • Tracks conversations – keep comments and replies in one central place to easily and Quickly Response.
  • Instant notifications – automatically send e-mail reminders and change notifications.
  • Advanced data management – Tracks your sales leads, contacts, expenses, and more with custom databases.

2. DeskAway – project collaboration and management tool


DeskAway, is a web-based project collaboration and management tool that provides a central location to easily organize, manage and track your projects from anywhere, anytime. DeskAway is an online service which simple to use, feature-rich, and affordable, backed by responsive and personalized support.

  • Web-based collaboration from anywhere, anytime
  • Manage & track work across projects & people
  • Built with social features and a growing community
  • Responsive, elegant, simple & branded
  • No downloads, no installs, cancel anytime, hassle-free

3. 1time – web-based time and expense tracking tool


1time is a web-based time and expense tracking tool that allows you to easily track the actual cost of a project for cost analysis on fixed costs or billing after.

  • Intuitive Design
  • Email reminders:1time sends automated e-mail reminders to employees who have not entered their timesheets.
  • Mobile/Cell Phone Access: you easily update and view employees’ timesheets while out of the office via mobile phones or cell phones.
  • External Client Views: your client can easily access and view timesheets so they can see how much time you have put into the project in real-time or send it at the end of the project with an invoice.
  • Client/Project reporting: Keep track of time and cost on multiple Projects and multiple Clients.
  • Project budget & cost analysis: To Identify at-risk projects early, know which projects are profitable and which are not before it’s too late.
  • Basecamp integration: Import your clients and projects from Basecamp and send time report messages back to basecamp.

4. Tick time tracking tool

tick - time-Tracking-tools

Tick is a simple and easy-to-use time tracking tool that allows you to keep track of your time spent on a project and even see how close you are to using up your client’s allotted budget. Tick is also offered an iPhone widget to track your time while out of the office via mobile phone.

5. Time IQ – online time tracking tool

Time IQ - time tracking application

Time IQ is an online time tracking tool for agencies, design studios, freelancers, and any service-based businesses that need to track project time for their clients. The Time Entry screen is the core interface for Time IQ, which allows you and your employees to enter timesheets throughout the day to ensure that your billing and reporting are as accurate as possible.

With Powerful Reporting, you can customize your views into your time statistics and export your report data into Excel, Quickbooks, or a standard Comma-Delimited CSV file quickly available. The color schemes of the Time IQ interface are highly customizable, and you can easily change the color schemes of the Time IQ interface as per your company profile.

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