6 Flash based Content Management System(CMS)

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A Flash Content Management System (Flash CMS) is a Content Management System specifically designed to create and manage Adobe Flash Content. The main purpose of a Flash CMS is to generate Flash content within a browser environment.

To qualify as a Flash CMS an application must be able to manage text, images, sound, movies, animations and actions. All editing must be done in a way that no programming skills are needed to use the application.

Output generated by a Flash CMS should require the Flash Player. A Flash CMS is NOT a Flash based application that generates HTML pages. Read more about flash based content management system ..

In this article you will read about the 6 Flash based Content Management System(CMS).

  1. Flashblocks Flash CMS


    Flashblocks is a Flash based content management system (CMS) which allow you and your clients to easily create, update, and arrange Flash content from any web browser.

    Content is edited intuitively while browsing, its means you can easily edit your flash content without any training. Simply login, mouse over glowing areas in your Flash website, select an editor, and immediately begin changing content.

    Flashblocks requires PHP on the server and works with Flash player 7-10. and It also work with actionscript 2.0 and 3.0 .

  2. fCMS – full Flash Content Management System


    fCMS is a fully Flash Content management System which allows you to design, edit and update your web pages without ever leaving your browser window.

    fCMS is a search- engine friendly, It means content of your Flash site is also fully indexable and searchable by search engines. With advanced backend templating system, you can easily create dynamically generated RSS feeds of the content for your Flash website.

  3. TypoFlash CMS


    TypoFlash CMS is a graphical user interface to manage dynamic content for flash websites. It use TYPO3 content management system to store content and thus available for any other use, such as html, xml,rss etc.. Typoflash is a flash version of Popular TYPO3 CMS.

    With user-friendly interface of TypoFlash , you can easily move, resize and edit any part of your flash site directly in the browser. Creating search engine friendly urls and editing existing ones isn’t a problem as well.

  4. Silex flash CMS


    SILEX is a new kind of CMS (Content Management System), a mix between editing software and wiki based software. All multimedia file formats can be assembled in SILEX WYSIWYG editor for publishing website online, in a local computer and on CD-R.

    Silex is a open source light weight, multilingual contexts management which come with automatic SEO system .

  5. Flash Moto CMS


    FlashMoto content management system is a powerful and easy to use application designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites.

    With simple-to-use tools allow you to add, edit and delete pages of your Flash website without requiring any software, technical knowledge of HTML, Flash and other programming languages.

    Some Beautiful Features of FlashMoto CMS:

    1. NO installation required!
    2. Built-in Forms Component (Form builder)
    3. Multiple language support. Custom fonts uploading
    4. Built-in Drop Down Menu Component
    5. Secure Control Panel
    6. Powerful ActionScript 3.0 API
  6. Secretary CMS


    Secretary is an, easy to use easy to set up, content management system. It’s specifically made for flash and comes with some very need tools for flash-developers. The front-end gives the user a unique and smooth experience and makes the administration very inviting.


    1. Dynamic xml structure
    2. easy to Use and simple to Install
    3. WYSIWYG text editor
    4. Secure 128 bit password protection
    5. Dynamic thumbnail generation
    6. Drag’n’drop editing
    7. Dynamic font loading
    8. Easy search and rss integration.
    9. Extendible user interface
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