6 Useful Firefox add-ons for Bing search engine


Bing is a third largest player in the market of search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions.So After an so much research on web we finally found the 6 Useful Firefox add-ons for Bing search engine that we would like to share with you.

Firefox add-ons for Bing search engine

  1. Bing

    Bing 20090601 is first officially supported Bing Firefox add-on, developed by Bing team in Microsoft. it install Bing search engine in right side of your Firefox Search Bar. it give you auto-suggestions from Bing Search engine right in the browser while you’re typing your query. It’s based on the Open Search standard and uses the JSON interface supported by Firefox to retrieve autosuggestions.

  2. True Knowledge answer engine

    True Knowledge answer engine is also known as Google Enhancer. It’s an Firefox extension/add-on for enhances your search engine results by inserting a direct answer to your question above your regular search results. It’s very easy to use. When you search for specific information on your search engine, It automatically add related information from web . If we don’t find a related answer then your search results will remain unchanged.

  3. Bing vs. Google

    Bing vs. Google is a comparative search engine Firefox add-on. it allow you to Compare the search results of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine with Google search engine on the same web page. Super fast and easy to use!

  4. Bing Image Search

    Bing Image search is a Firefox add-on which allow you find images directly from Firefox Search Bar.

  5. gBing 1.0

    gBing is a very useful Firefox plugin developed by EricPKerr which allow you to search Bing through iGoogle or Google.com. You can continue using iGoogle just as you normally would, but the form gets directed to Bing’s search results. Currently gBing add-on available on experimental basic.

  6. Go To Bing

    Go to Bing is a useful Firefox add-on which add Bing search engine icon on your Firefox’s status bar, when you click the icon it will load Bing.com homepage in a new tab. Go to Bing is a Cloned add-on for Jerry Pournelle from Anastasios Monachos extension Go to Google v0.16. it only replacing “google” with “bing”, this extension adds a “bing” icon in your status bar and Clicking the icon opens a new tab at the bing.com search page.

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