6Zap.com – Open Source Communication Platform


If you Looking for new and open source Communication Platform for manage your personal and public communications then 6Zip is really useful for you.

6Zip is a full-featured, open source communications platform that integrates e-mail, calendar and contacts functionality into a single page.

6Zap.com - Open Source Communication Platform

It’s a unique Communication Platform which offer E-mail module that allow you to read and reply to your E-mail while you are not connected to the Internet.

with 6Zap, You can easily share files, calendars, contacts with other people on your team. You and your team will even be able to view the same email queue providing help desk functionality in 6zap.

The e-mail module is similar to Outlook, Thunderbird and other desktop based e-mail programs , a slick three-pane Customizable interface (that can also work offline) with auto-save, drag’n drop & spelling features.

The User Friendly Calendar module is also offers an intuitive, yet powerful features that supports recurring events, multiple views (day, week, month..) and Multiple Calendars to schedule and share your events.

The application also have file management module that offers a desktop-like experience. Files & folders can be added, renamed, deleted easily.

There is also one unique feature know as Zcount. Zcount is easy and safe alternative to registering with online services.

It auto-creates an e-mail alias and credentials for registration forms and subscription to offer a better spam protection. Just copy/paste them when you signing up online.

6zap is a also fully customizable and branded. you can easily customize the look and feel, as well as each module’s behavior – to meet the needs of your unique environment via… CSS Templates.

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