7+ Useful Color Picker For Designers to enhance there web creativity


Color play major role to make your web project successful so its difficult task for every web designer and graphic designer to select decent and beautiful Color combination for every project . Fortunately, there are a number of great resources and tools that have been created with the intent of making your life easier and your work quicker and more effective.

Color Picker For web Designers

  1. Instant Color Picker

    With YS Instant Color Picker, you can easily and quickly capture and copy colors from anywhere on the screen and store them in a color palette from where you can export them to a different formats including RGB, HSL, Hex, CSS, ActionScript, Delphi, VC++ and VB. Even You can copy color swatches as bitmap and paste it to your favorite graphic editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. You can also copy all the palette as bitmap. The eye dropper and magnifier features help you to pick colors from specific areas of the image.

  2. ColorPic

    ColorPic is a Free Professional Color Picker tool that allows the user to grab any color from the desktop, save it to a custom palette and copy the color code to the clipboard. it show colors in hexadecimal and decimal values,with Red, Green and Blue constituent parts. Even you can adjust Hue, Saturation, Red, Green and Blue values. Use the Resizable screen magnifier for perfect accuracy. View CMYK printing colors. Save multiple palettes of colors for use in any application.

  3. Color Scheme Designer

    Color Scheme Designer is a easy to use, yet powerful color picker application to design Advanced color schemes for use in your web project. It show your colors on a color wheel and offers 4 modes of harmonies. You can simply drag and drop colors into the page elements and preview how they will look together. The Preview available in 2 type :1. Light Page design and 2. Dark Page design. You can save your scheme configuration and also export it into so many format like; HTML+ CSS, XML, Text, ACO(Photoshop Palette), GPL (GIMP Palette) etc..

  4. ColorMania

    ColorMania is an on-screen color picker tool especially designed for web-designers, graphic artists and application developers. you can easily create, compare or adjust any colors or color combinations you want and save to the clipboard. It also supports various color models and allow you to pick colors from anywhere on your screen. With screen magnifier, you can easily choose color from any specific part of the image. ColorMania is a easy to use and compact but basic in features.

  5. Pixeur

    Pixeur is a small color picker tool that allow you to pick colors from anywhere on your screen and save to the clipboard. It also offer color history feature, so you can saved your the last colors selected , and a suggested color scheme to go along with the selected color.

  6. AdesClrPicker

    AdesClrPicker is a very easy to use, yet powerful color picker application for Web and graphic designers. with AdesClrPicker , User can easily capture colors anywhere on the screen with a single click of the mouse and output it in either HTML, RGB, C++, VB and Delphi color codes. it also offer Color Library feature which allows you to store your colors, change your colors and convert from one color to another. It store last 10 captured color values in the memory and makes them accessible from the tray menu. It also shows the current color and last captured color codes near to your mouse – this makes it easy to check and compare the colors on the fly.

  7. BrazuColor

    BrazuColor is a multi-purpose color picker tool that enables you to select color samples from your desktop or standard color palettes and copy them in Hex or RGB format for HTML, Delphi, Java and C++. You can create custom palettes in a Photoshop compatible format. It also includes a screen magnifier, capture color and a nice gradient creator.

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