The 9 Best free web based WYSIWYG Editor

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A WYSIWYG Editor is a software application for creating and editing web pages. Although the HTML markup of a web page can be written with any text editor, specialized HTML editors can offer convenience and added functionality.

If you are looking for a free web-based WYSIWYG Editor, this article may help you to find some useful free web-based WYSIWYG Editor.

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Web-Based WYSIWYG Editor:

  1. FCKeditor


    FCKeditor is an open-source Multi-browser, Multi-language supported WYSIWYG text editor that can be used in web pages instead of the HTML Text Area control. It provides powerful visual text editing functionality of desktop editors like MS Word for your WebPages.

    Its core code is written in JavaScript, having server-side interfaces with Active-FoxPro, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Lasso, Perl, PHP, and Python. FCKeditor is compatible with most Internet browsers which include: Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows), Firefox 1.0+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.50+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+.

    • CSS support for better integration with your website.
    • Font formatting: type, size, color, style, bold, italic, etc
    • Text formatting: alignment, indentation, bullets list, etc
    • Cut, Paste, and Paste as Plain Text, Undo and Redo
    • Skin able, Plugins supported
    • Spell checker
    • Automatic browser detection and customization
    • Image and file links upload and server repository browser.

    Demo | Download

  2. SPAW Editor

    SPAW Editor is a web-based WYSIWYG editor control enabling website developers to replace a standard text area HTML control with full-featured, fully customizable, skin-able,multi-document, Multilanguage web-based WYSIWYG editor.
    SPAW Editor supports all major browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Gecko-based browsers (Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla), and Opera 9. SPAW Editor required PHP4 or PHP5 to runs on any web server.

    • Tabbed Multi-document Interface
    • Floating/Shared Toolbars
    • Resizeable Editing Area
    • Modular Architecture
    • universal file manager plugin
    • Theme (skin) support

    Demo | Download

  3. openWYSIWYG

    openWYSIWYG is an open-source cross-browser WYSIWYG editor that’s packed with every rich-text editing feature you need to make your content management system that much better. openWYSIWYG is very easy to use; you can quickly turn any <textarea> into a powerful WYSIWYG editor with just a few simple lines of code.
    openWYSIWYG - open source cross-browser WYSIWYG editor
    openWYSIWYG is entirely written in JavaScript and DHTML. No server-side code (like PHP) is required! Which why it Loads extremely fast. It will allow users to edit text much like you would in an office-like application with simple editing features like bold, italic, justification, block indents, text color, font and size selection, links, bullets, background color, and spell checking. Insert images, create tables, create link text, and many more.

    All Major internet browsers are compatible with openWYSIWYG, which means your users will have no trouble making use of it. These browsers include: IE 5.5+ (Windows), Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+.

    Demo | Download

  4. Xopus


    Xopus is a web-based WYSIWYG XML Editor that allows you to work with structured and complex content without technical knowledge. With the Xopus User-Friendly interface, users can easily edit heavy structured XML documents or data.

    It uses XSLT style sheets to transform the XML to a user-presentable WYSIWYG view. The user can edit in this WYSIWYG view as if it were a typical word processor. All changes are automatically stored in the XML. The XML remains wholly separated from the presentation.


    • user-friendly author assisting
    • Extendable
    • Xopus is a complete client-side application

    Demo | Download

  5. NicEdit


    NicEdit is a Lightweight Cross Platform, Inline Content Editor to allow easy editing of the website content on the fly in the browser. NicEdit is a WYSIWYG editor for websites. It can be easily integrated into any site with minimal impact while providing visitors an effective means to express themselves in rich text.

    NicEdit is very easy to use; you can quickly turn any <textarea> into a powerful WYSIWYG editor with just a few simple lines of code.

    Demo | Download

  6. Wyzz

    wyzz - lightweight WYSIWYG editor

    Wyzz is an open-source lightweight WYSIWYG editor to replace Textarea fields into HTML forms. Wyzz is entirely written in JavaScript, very small, easy to install and extend, and distributed under the GNU Lesser GPL. it mainly focuses on creating an Ultra-lightweight (<10k!) WYSIWYG editor.

    Demo | Download

  7. widgEditor


    widgEditor is a browser-based JavaScript WYSIWYG editor for HTML content. It is designed to be simple to use, have a small code footprint, and produce valid, semantic code. With widgEditor, you can easily replace node, comment, and other specified text areas with an improved editing pane using JavaScript. Therefore if you don’t have JavaScript (or your browser doesn’t support HTML editing), it degrades gracefully.

    Demo | Download

  8. XStandard


    XStandard is a standards-compliant, flexible, and highly customizable WYSIWYG Editor for desktop applications and Web-based content management systems. It is designed to be simple to use and produce valid, semantic code. so, It ensures that your markup validates against XHTML 1.0 Strict and XHTML 1.1 specifications.

    For desktop applications, its use in Visual Studio, Access, VB, and VC++, and Web-based applications, XStandard runs in IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The editor generates clean XHTML Strict or 1.1 and uses CSS for formatting to ensure the clean separation of content from presentation. The editor is keyboard accessible, and the markup generated by XStandard meets the most demanding accessibility requirements.

  9. BBComposer 2.1


    BBComposer 2.1 is a Firefox extension that allows you to edit text area contents by switching in a WYSIWYG mode with a right-click on it. You can choose 4 content types : XHTML, BBCode, XBBCode and Wiki. Especially useful for CMS, Wiki, and Forums. Returns valid and semantic XHTML.

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