9 useful Project, task and document Management tool

According to Wikipedia ;

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

In this article, you will read about the 9 useful Project Management tools to reduce your work load.

  1. KnowledgeTree : Free Document Management Application

    KnowledgeTree : Free Document Management Application

    KnowledgeTree is open source, easily programmable, and flexible PHP-based document management application built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing the data. KnowledgeTree works with Microsoft® Office®, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®.

    KnowledgeTree is specially designed for business people to connects people, processes, and ideas. Collaborate, securely store all your critical documents, address compliance challenges, and focus on providing a simple solution that works for your business.

  2. SimManTools – Web based management tools

    SimManTools - Web based management tools

    Simple Management Tools is a set of web based, simple, commonly used management tools. SimManTools based on Two tools ;

    • A Simple TimeSheet (ASTS) : It help you to record how much time you spent on your tasks.
    • A Simple Project Tracker (ASPT) : To track the progress on projects against estimates .

    SimManTools is very easy to manage; just record your times, edit your Personal Projects and Tasks and generate a report .

  3. Tasks Jr. : Open Source To-Do-List Application

    Tasks Jr. : Open Source To-Do-List Application

    Tasks Jr. is a Web- Based open source, lightweight To-Do-List Application to help you manage your personal and professional projects effectively. With Tasks Jr. you can Track Due Dates and Priorities to tasks and use the different views to keep your eye on the important stuff first. The application also has an option to remind the upcoming tasks daily via e-mail. Easily create your own organizational structure, which can change at your bidding. Tasks Jr. works great on PHP 5.

  4. Tracks- Ruby on Rails Based To-Do-List application

    Tracks- Ruby on Rails Based To-Do-List application

    Tracks is a Open Source, free, web-based To-Do-List application built with Ruby on Rails , Tracks come with a webserver (WEBrick) , so that you can run it on your own computer if you like. It can be run on any platform on which Ruby can be installed, including Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux. it released under the GNU GPL.

    • Flexible views of your actions
    • Tagging and starring
    • Quick and easy adding of new actions
    • Organised Yourself
    • Getting everyone organised
    • Measure your progress
    • Get Up to Date with numerous feeds.
    • Easily interact with Tracks
  5. TrackItEZ

    TrackItEZ is a lightweight time tracking and project management tool that addresses the multiple developer and multiple project management scenario and simplifies the project time tracking capturing.

  6. ClockingIT – Ruby on Rails Task-Time Tracking Application

    ClockingIT - Ruby on Rails Task-Time Tracking Application

    ClockingIT is a free hosted open source Task-Time Tracking application for tracking all your tasks, issues, projects and time spend on your project . ClockingIT is ideal for team-oriented projects. The source code for ClockingIT is released under MIT/X Consortium License. ClockingIT lets you organize your projects how you want, by tag or due dates. Take a look at your timeline to see what you have accomplished and what still needs to be done. Organize your schedule by listing events on your calendar. that why ClockingIT is very user-friendly application.

  7. streber – wiki style project management tool

    streber - wiki style project management tool

    Streber is a free open source wiki driven project management tool written in php5. Freelancers and small teams can easily setup projects and keep track of tasks, issues, bugs, efforts etc. it is very User-friendly application

    • Tasks can have project-specific labels and categories.
    • Tasks can be grouped hierarchically.
    • Tasks can have required tasks.
    • Tasks can be extended by issue-reports and linked to project-versions.
    • Tasks can be grouped to mile-stones and groups.
    • People and Companies can be tagged with categories (clients, freelancers, etc)
    • Project-user-rights can be adjusted (for ex: to provide clients a limited view of the current project state)
    • Notification mails on changes
    • bug-tracking, version and release manangement for software projects
    • Advanced Formatting with Wiki Syntax
    • Version controlled upload of files
    • User-rights can be fine-tuned for each team-member.
    • Use interface-features you might not expect from a web-interface: Right mouse-button brings up context-menus. Navigation can be done with keyboard.
  8. OpenKM – document management system

    OpenKM - document management system

    OpenKM is a Open Source document management system based on java technologies useful for any enterprises intend to organize and share documents. OpenKM is ideal solution for small and large Enterprise alike due to the low cost of implementation. it allow companies to better organize their data in an easily accessible Web 2.0 environment where files can be dragged and dropped for easy organizing, sharing and content can be searched easily with document content, keywords, modification date, author and document type. One of the more relevant functions to mention is the automatically indexing of the most common types of files: Text, HTML, RTF, XML, PDF, OpenOffice.org, MS Office, MS Office 2007, JPEG EXIF, MP3 ID3. Its Powerful search engine indexes all documents making it easy to find any information via.. Search by synonyms , Search results ordered by relevance and Search using Property Groups.

  9. TaskFreak! – web based task manager

    TaskFreak! - web based task manager

    TaskFreak! is a simple but efficient web based task manager and to-do-list written in PHP . you can easily organize tasks per project, priority, deadline and context. It easy to install with MySQL or SQLite and compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 . TaskFreak! is a free open source task manager released under LGLP (Lesser GPL). According to official website , TaskFreak! is a GTD (Getting Things Done ) compliant (learn more about GTD visit here )

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