10 Useful and free Adobe Air application


Adobe AIR was first introduced on 19 March 2007 with the name of Apollo by Adobe Team. Previously, the applications which could only be used inside a browser are now capable of running directly through your desktop.

Adobe AIR designed as a cross-operating system runtime that enables web developers to use their existing web development skills, code and tools to build and deploy rich web applications and content to the desktop.


The only requirement is that to run the Adobe AIR Application you need the AIR runtime engine installed in your system.

  1. uvLayer :


    uvlayer is a Adobe AIR application that allow you to watch,collect and publish videos to the web and easily share with friends across their Favorites social networks, all via an intuitive drag and drop interface. Now it also support to Flickr and YouTube Favorites and Playlist.

  2. Sideline – Twitter keyword monitor

    Sideline - Twitter keyword monitor

    Sideline is an open source Adobe® AIR™ desktop application built with the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI). It’s a new Twitter keyword monitoring tool from Yahoo. It allow users to do advanced searching and monitoring of the Twitter public timeline and create and group custom queries by topics of interest.

  3. DeskTube!

    DeskTube - desktop YouTube application

    DeskTube is a desktop YouTube application that allow you to search/view/upload videos, post/view comments, view personal playlists, subscriptions, record video, post updates to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter . and even watch beautiful HD streams videos Directly from your Desktop.

  4. MyStylez

    mystylez - Unique MySpace layout creator

    MyStylez is the Unique MySpace layout creator built on Adobe® AIR™ that contains everything you need for design your MySpace profile. it allow you access your Flickr.com accounts via.. MyStylez and easily drag and drop your images into their custom MySpace layouts to build a your own custom layout. With MyStylez you can also create layouts for your friends and then easily share with your friends

  5. Klok

    klok - personal time tracking application

    Klok is a personal time tracking application that allow you to easily manage multiple clients, projects or tasks to keep track of their hours. with klok , you can easily track and add entry of time spent in the past as well as you can also edit your time entries. it offer lots of great features such as, drag and drop, excel export, archive and a collapsed view.

  6. Pixus – The Pixel Ruler and More

    Pixus - The Pixel Ruler and More

    Pixus is an pixel ruler application that allow you to measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control and preview your design with skins and presets.it is Multi-screen supported tool.

  7. Mockups For Desktop


    Mockups for Desktop is a very useful Adobe Air application for Product managers, designers, developers . it allow you to work together in the same tool to quickly iterate over software mockups, before writing code. Using Balsamiq Mockups feels like you are sketching your product Mockups , but it’s digital, so you can tweak and rearrange 75 pre-built controls easily, and the end result is much cleaner.

  8. ImageSizer


    ImageSizer is a adobe air desktop application to resize, optimize and rename a jpg images, outputting them as a single compressed zip file – perfect if you want to e-mail a load of images off your digital camera, or a folder of images – just drag, drop, fiddle with settings and press ‘Compress your images’.

  9. Agile Agenda

    Agile Agenda - Project Management tools

    Agile Agenda is a Project Management tools built on Adobe® AIR™ which allow you to See and edit all of your tasks in a spreadsheet view. it mainly focus on allowing project managers to enter data about tasks . you can easily share data through XML, PDF, and a web based view.

  10. Doomi – A To-Do List Application

    Doomi - A To-Do List Application

    Doomi is a Free easy to use To-Do List Application built in Adobe Air . It allow you to reorganize your to-do’s via ‘drag and drop’, set custom remind times and keep a record of old to-do’s. Doomi was designed from the ground up to stay out of your way and out of your browser.

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