10 Beautiful CSS Forms

Contact forms are the most common bridges between readers & site owners whether it is a blog or any other famous Web portal. that why Forms needs a solid visual structure, powerful techniques and Functionality like; (CSS) to make the form look and work creatively.

Let’s take a look, hopefully you’ll find new ideas and techniques to make the form look and work creatively you can develop further on your own. Some of them add more capabilities that able to increase usability and user friendliness to a website.

  1. Prettier Accessible Forms :

    Create a form-styling solution that is both accessible and portable.You can reuse it on any project with correctly marked up HTML form.

  2. Form Assembly :

    A Beautiful Collection of CSS Stylesheets For Web Forms

  3. Semantic horizontal Forms:

    A semantic way and positioned the form elements next to each other except for the last fieldset which spans the full width of the form below the 3 top fieldsets. It’s been tested in FF1.x, IE6 and Opera8. (looks a little quirky in IE5.x but still usable).

  4. CSS Forms:

    This is a fictitious form, designed purposely to include every possible layout. It’s been tested in Win/IE6, Firefox v1.0+, Win/Opera v8.0.

  5. Veerle’s Blue CSS Form:

    A simple blue form with rounded background corners created by using valid CSS and XHTML. The layout is pixel perfect, and the images can be customized to match your own requirements. it tested on Mac in Safari (1.2.1), Netscape 7 and FireFox 0.8 and on Windows XP in Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7, Mozilla and FireFox 0.8.

  6. A form with style:

    A simple CSS form created by CSSplay.co.uk. If you have a browser that allows you to switch styles (FF for instance) then you can use that option to change the style of form.

  7. Badboy Niceforms:

  8. creative css form :

  9. (Functional) Pretty Forms :

  10. JotForm – a web based WYSIWYG form builder :

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