10 powerful PHP Tutorials for web developer

PHP is everywhere . PHP is popular server-side scripting language,mostly you seen in wordpress blog platforms. wordpress blog platforms totally build in PHP. PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. It is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.

PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code. The PHP syntax is very similar to Perl and C.

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1. Create a shoutbox using PHP and AJAX with jQuery :

Here you can how to create a dynamic ajax based shoutbox with jQuery from scratch. It will be very interesting to know how to use the ajax function of jQuery and how it can be used to insert and recover data from a MySQL database via PHP in a way a synchronous.

2. fileNice – free php file browser :

fileNice is a free php file browser, particularly useful if you have a ‘dump’ folder on your server where you regularly upload files and you want to be able to see what’s there.

3. A fancy Apple.com-style search suggestion :

4. Image To Ascii Art With PHP :

This PHP function creates a simple ascii art rendering of a jpg image. It uses GD to do the grunt work and some simple bit shifting to allocate shades. Colors are then moved into hex values and the text generated for output to the browser. Ascii art from an image with PHP is now easy.

5. Using Cookies with PHP :

Cookies allow the webmaster to store information about the site visitor on their computer to be accessed again the next time they visit. One common use of cookies is to store your username and password on your computer so you don’t need to login again each time you visit a website.

6. PHP array tutorial :

Arrays are special data types. Despite of other normal variables an array can store more than one value.

7.How to build a poll system with PHP and mySQL :

8. Simplicity PHP – Ajax Web2.0 Framework :

9. login form (PHP & Javascript) :

Login script is a very common requirement of many websites. How to create one login script ? There are three steps involved in developing a login script. First asking user or member to login using a form.

10. Zephyr – Ajax PHP Framework :

zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers. you can easily develop business applications using this robust framework. this is extremely easy to learn and very simple to implement.

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