10 Syntax Highlighters to enhance your Code Presentation

Syntax Highlighters is text editor that display source code in different color and fonts to read easily on Web , it is always a challenge to read code without syntax highlighting.

There is so many Syntax Highlighters available on Web , which help to highlight your code in different color and fonts to read easily on Web . In this article, you will read about the 15 Syntax Highlighters to enhance your Code Presentation.

  1. SyntaxHighlighter 2.0

    SyntaxHighlighter 2.0  is a 100% Java Script based lightweight Syntax Highlighters allow you to post code snippets online with ease. SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 is a easy to use , just copy files and link them in your templates, 100% client side support, no server dependency . SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 is released under GNU Lesser General Public License.

  2. GeSHi – Generic Syntax Highlighter

    GeSHi is a syntax highlighter for HTML, written in PHP. Basically Geshi – Generic Syntax Highlighter is created for the phpBB forum system, but has been generalized to this project. it support to almost every languages and easy to add a new language for highlighting.

    Easy to use and simple to customize output formats. To install GeSHi Syntax Highlighter in your server you need a PHP5 and Windows and it also provide hack to make it work under ASP).

  3. Pygments python syntax highlighter

    Pygments is a python based syntax highlighter support to almost every languages and markup formats and easy to add a new language for highlighting . it is usable as a command-line tool and as a library and a number of output formats is supported , among them HTML, RTF, LaTeX and ANSI sequences.

  4. CodeColorizer syntax highlighted

    Codecolorizer convert your ASP, C/C++, Clipper, Delphi/Pascal, HTML, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic source code to colorized (syntax highlighted) HTML documents. it is easy read and can help to document, learn, understand, debug, print and publish your source code.

  5. Ultraviolet syntax highlighter

    Ultraviolet syntax highlighter is a based on Textpow and it support more than 50 languages and 20 themes . Ultraviolet is a syntax highlighting engine runs on Ruby library.

  6. SHJS – Syntax Highlighter

    SHJS is a JavaScript program which highlights source code passages in HTML documents and it support more than 40 languages like; Bison , C , C++, C#, CSS , HTML, Java etc… SHJS – Syntax Highlighter is released under GNU General Public License version 3.  SHJS work in any browser that conforms to the HTML 4, ECMA-262, and DOM Level 2 standards. SHJS has been tested and is known to work with the following browsers:

    • Firefox 2
    • Firefox 3
    • Internet Explorer 6
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Opera 9.6
    • Safari 3.2
    • Google Chrome 1.0
  7. JUSH – JavaScript Syntax Highlighter

    JUSH is a JavaScript Syntax Highlighter can be used for client-side syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, php.ini and Apache config.

    Features :

    • Highlights languages embedded into each other
    • Links to documentation of all languages
    • Colors can be easily modified via CSS
    • Recognizes complete PHP syntax including __halt_compiler, heredoc, backticks, {$} variables inside strings, namespaces
    • Works in all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera.
  8. Ajax Syntax Highlighter

    Ajax Syntax Highlighter is a small JavaScript utility which highlights source code embed in a web page in a standard compliant. Ajax Syntax Highlighter is built with Yahoo! UI and uses JSON for serialization. It is wrote by Kévin Dunglas. Ajax Syntax Highlighter is released under GNU General Public License v3 .

  9. jEph Syntax Highlighter

    JEph is a syntax Highlighter written in PHP, and it use XML-definitions of the famous editor JEdit to highlight the code.

  10. google-code-prettify


    google-code-prettify is a lightweight , cross-browser JavaScript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page. easily Customize the code via CSS and Supports all C-like, Bash-like, and XML-like languages. No need to specify the language. Google code prettify is released under Apache License 2.0 .

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