5 Best Cloud Storage & Free File Sharing Sites

We have already covered so many free web application to Store and share Your Files Online. Here is another 5 useful sites to Store and share Your Files Online.

Some of them are really handy and make sharing data even simpler than sending a file via email .

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Here is the 5 useful web application to Store and share Your Files Online.

  1. Zoto – Safely Store & Share your Photos Online

    Zoto is a online photo-sharing website which mainly focus on providing powerful ‘application-like’ features that give you the ability to store unlimited images, organize them with Easy to use tagging interface, and share all your digital photos online. With Zoto, you can Create a safe online archive for your photos and easily access your photos from anywhere in the world.

  2. TwitFS – Simple Yet powerful application to share files on twitter

    TwitFS is a Simple Yet powerful web application to share any types of files (videos,Audio clips, Pictures, Documents) on twitter, not only twitter but you can also share files on your Blogs, Facebook, Myspace, email, message boards, and IM . No registration required to use this service, Simply select a file from your computer, watch the progress meter, then share the links to your new content! 

    TwitFS come with File Manager, so you can easily access and share your uploaded files, Manage your favorite files and get Review about your download statistics.

  3. imgur – A Simple Image Sharer

    imgur is a simple image sharing tool which allow user to upload a picture, manipulate it, and share it with your friends, post it on reddit, add it to your blog and email to friend . No registration is required to use this service , Once you finished uploading your images, you can get the imgur url link, and embed code, So you can easily share your images with Reddit, Digg, Fark, Del.icio.us. etc… or you can directly send email to your friend from imgur interface.

  4. Onehub – Simple, Customizable File Sharing and Collaboration

    Onehub is a web application that makes it easy to securely share your business information and files with customers and coworkers. you can easily upload any types of file, multiple files at a time or entire folders of files. Quickly move and copy files to other files widgets, folders or Hubs.

    It also offer a FTP integration, so you can use your familiar FTP client to upload and download files directly from your Hub. Stay Up to Date with Hub Activities and Email Notifications.

  5. FileMail – Sending Large Files Made Easy

    FileMail is a most secure, quick and professional way to send large emails to any email address. No registration is required to send large files (up to 2GB each) to any email address without leaving your browser. Files are encrypted on the FileMail servers using a 128bit AES algorithm to ensure security and privacy.

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