12 useful sites to Store Your Files Online

Every one want more space to store there data on web server but due to heavy charges of file hosting services , nobody prefer to go with expensive file hosting services . but now there is so many site offer free file hosting services. Some file hosting sites are really handy and make sharing data even simpler than sending a file via email .

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In this article, you will read about the 12 useful sites to Store Your Files Online.

Files Hosting Sites :

  1. ImageDash

    Imagedash is a Simple, fast and easy to use image hosting geared towards the minimalistic user. Imagedash makes it easy to upload high resolution images without resizing, popups, or other annoyances.

  2. Dropbox

    Dropbox is an easy way to share and store your files online. Dropbox is software that sync your files online and across your computers automatically. Put your files into your Dropbox on one computer, and it will be instantly available on any of your other computers that you’ve installed Dropbox on (Windows, Mac, and Linux too!) Because a copy of your files are stored on Dropbox’s secure online servers, you can also access them from any computer or mobile device using the Dropbox website. Dropbox offer 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers.

  3. ZumoDrive – Hybrid Cloud Storage for Documents and Media

    ZumoDrive is the hybrid cloud storage for all your documents and media without sacrificing the benefits of local storage. You can access your music, photos, and documents from anywhere with your favorite applications. it Automatically Backup & Sync your files, You don’t have to think, or sync your files again and again. Once you setup ZumoDrive on your computer it shows up like a regular hard drive or USB drive on your computer.

  4. Livedrive

    Livedrive is a free Online file storage service which offers unlimited free online storage for your files and pictures. With Livedrive, you can store, access and share files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. it syncs files across all your computers and online. See the same files on all your PCs.

    you can easily access your files and digital content from any mobile device and from the web – so you can access your files anytime, on any device. it offer some unique features likes; Drag and drop your files to Facebook, Flickr and SmugMug with just one click. View and edit MSOffice documents on the web and Watch your videos online. Livedrive liberates your files!

  5. MySites

    MySites is a easiest way to save, manage and share your content online with your friends. it offer 10 GB space for your photos, music, videos, and other files that you can easily store and share with your friends. you can also embed these items with code on your websites or share direct links to each item.

  6. Fileqube

    File Qube is absolutely Free and user friendly file hosting service. No registration or fees are required. The service available for everyone, who needs to easily and quickly upload large files for further temporary storage and download. At File Qube, you can upload files up to 150 MB.

    Larger files can be split into smaller archives and be uploaded in parts to the server. you can Upload up to 5 files at one time with Fileqube cool Ajax uploader, progress bar will track the upload and share files up to 150 MB. you can create advanced managing account. It gives you ability to upload bigger files, manage, organize and share everything with a click of a mouse!.

  7. myDataBus

    MyDataBus.com is the easiest way to store, transfer, and share your files online. with MyDataBus, you can easily upload, download, share, with group collaboration tools, make public and email your files, pictures, music anytime anywhere or post files for MySpace, eBay, LiveJournal, and Craigslist. MyDataBus also integrates with your Facebook account. A free account receives 10GB of free storage, including a file-size limit of up to 1.5GB.

  8. ADrive

    ADrive is a online data storage and backup service which offer complete and secure solutions to store, backup, share, access, and edit files from virtually anywhere, at any time. ADrive serves as an online, centralized vault for all file types including: music, videos, photos, documents, and more. A free Account receives 50GB of Free storage.

    ADrive now offers a desktop application that is compatible with all major operating systems. Developed in Adobe AIR, ADrive Desktop allows users to upload, download, and schedule jobs to backup files/folders from your computer to your ADrive account.

  9. DigitalBucket

    DigitalBucket provides a easy-to-use, reliable, scalable and customizable on demand File Sharing and Collaboration platform that can be used to store and retrieve any type of data anytime anywhere on the web. It intuitive graphical user interface allow you to upload files, create, modify, and arrange your information in folders—just like working on your desktop.

    You can share files with friends or business associates, publish documents, create photo albums and slide shows. digitalbucket.net uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to provide secure and encrypted data transfers (including file upload and download) between user browser and digitalbucket.net server.

  10. Bayimg

    Bayimg is a Free image hosting service which allow you to upload about 140 different formats, even .RAR and .ZIP-archives.If you upload an archive with multiple images, you’ll also get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it. Tags are separated by spaces, removal code is a password to let you remove images you upload.

  11. zSHARE

    zSHARE is a free image, video, audio, flash and file hosting service which allow you to upload files, images, videos, audio and flash for free. Simply use the upload form below and start sharing! You can also use zSHARE as your personal file storage: backup your data and protect your files.

  12. divShare

    Divshare can host everything from your office documents to your music. it offer 5GB free hosting space for store your files. it easy to upload all your photos, documents, videos and music to DivShare. create slideshow, audio playlists, flash video and online document viewers that you can embed anywhere !

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