PhotoSwipe – Image gallery for mobile and tablets devices

PhotoSwipe is a free and open source HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery that specially designed to work smoothly with all mobile devices and tablets.

PhotoSwipe is totally inspired from iOS photo viewer, Google images for mobiles and doesn’t required any external framework to create responsive image gallery for mobile and Tablet devices.
Currently PhotoSwipe provide support for all major mobile operating system running Webkit based browser such as iOS, Android and Blackberry 6, Also perfectly work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and above.
Features of PhotoSwipe image gallery

  1. Specially optimized for mobile devices and tablets running a Webkit based browser
  2. Also compatible with modern desktop browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Chrome and above.
  3. From v3 can be run within a div on your page as well as “full screen”.
  4. Multiple input options including swipe gestures, keyboard control and an interactive on screen toolbar.
  5. Responsive to device orientation changes.
  6. Automatically scales images to maximize screen size and orientation.
  7. Zoom and pan around images
  8. Easy to rotate your images (Only available on iOS)
  9. Works with your markup and semantic structure.
  10. Support for Image Captions
  11. Slideshow feature to automatically play through images in the gallery.
  12. integrated with jQuery Mobile.
  13. Easily and smoothly run with any platform such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 6 and Desktop.
  14. Comprehensive customization options such as Presentation controlled via CSS, Easy to set gallery loops and not, Easy to Hide or show captions and toolbar, Easy to change caption and toolbar positions etc..

Download : PhotoSwipe image gallery for mobile

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