10 useful php framework from web part-1

PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. It is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.

php Frameworks allow for structure in developing applications by providing reusable classes and functions which can reduce development time significantly. PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code. The PHP syntax is very similar to Perl and C. Today we listed another 10 useful php framework from web.

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Seagull :

Seagull is a mature OOP framework for building web, command line and GUI applications. it allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources, and build complex applications quickly. Seagull is Open Source PHP framework released licensed under BSD.


  1. Seagull is a PHP 4/5 compatible.
  2. highly configurable, easy to integrate with 3rd party code
  3. compact core framework with basic CMS and other modules included to get you started
  4. easy and Quickly Installation
  5. Stability of Codebase
    • A large part of the codebase is covered by unit and web tests which are easy to run thanks to the integrated testing framework
    • The stable release branches, even-numbered, never introduce backwards-compatibility breaks – new releases serve only to fix reported bugs and add minor features
  6. Standards Compliant : Seagull supports XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.0, RSS 1.0, and 2.0, and conditional GET for caching RSS feeds on the client-side.
  7. Multi Platform : Seagull operates almost smoothly on Windows and Unix platforms due to extensive use of PEAR libraries
  8. Data Validation :All input data to the application is filtered and validated before any processing takes place.
  9. Front Controller :All application requests are routed through a single point of entry, index.php by default, giving developers much greater control over user interaction and minimising code duplication.

Qcodo php framework:

Qcodo php framework is an open-source lightweight PHP 5 framework that focus on implementing functionality and usability, improving performance and ensuring security. It is a completely object-oriented framework which contain two main components: the Code Generator and Qforms .

AjaxAC :

AjaxAC is an open-source framework written in PHP, used to develop AJAX applications. The fundamental idea behind AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is to use the XMLHttpRequest object to change a web page state using background HTTP sub-requests without reloading the entire page. It is released under the terms of the Apache License v2.0. 

Sample Applications using AjaxAC :

1.ArithmeJax :ArithmeJax is simple Ajax application used to perform server-side arithmetic.

2.CountryRegionCityJax : An application that demonstrates how the framework works. This example dynamically populates Country, Region/State and City data from a server-side data file.


Solar PHP 5 framework :

Solar is a PHP 5 framework for web application development. Solar PHP 5 framework derived the from the Savant template system, the DB_Table object-relation management package, and the organizational structure of PEAR. Solar PHP 5 framework is developed by  Paul M. Jones .

  • Provides a common means for loading, instantiating, and configuring classes automatically;
  • Runs cleanly under PHP 5 with E_ALL and E_STRICT error reporting;
  • Class- and object-oriented, not function-oriented, with full name-space separation;
  • Provides easy-to-use secure-programming elements and a secure foundation to work from;

Limb PHP 5 framework :

Limb is an OpenSource(LGPL) Library of Interdependent Modules and Blocks mostly aimed for rapid web application prototyping and development with PHP5. Limb3 consists of many reusable components and you can cherry pick the ones you need and combine them with other frameworks and libraries(e.g. ZendFramework, Symfony, PEAR, etc).

kohanaphp :

Kohana is a PHP 5 framework that uses the Model View Controller architectural pattern. It aims to be secure, lightweight, and easy to use.


  1. Community powered PHP 5 framework  it means kohana PHP 5 framework developers are from all around the world, each with their own talents, community discussion, ideas, and code.
  2. Kohana PHP 5 framework is a Extremely lightweight .
  3. Based on MVC pattern
  4. 100% UTF-8 compatible
  5. Extremely easy to extend

phocoa :

PHOCOA is an object-oriented, event-driven, componentized, MVC (model-view-controller) web framework inspired by Apple’s Cocoa and WebObjects technologies. PHOCOA’s main focus on making web application development in PHP easier, faster, and higher-quality.


  1. Automatically Generates Skeleton Add / Edit / Delete code and UI from Propel DB Objects
  2. Search-Engine Friendly URLs
  3. Component Re-Use, both within and between applications
  4. Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure
  5. Data Normalization, Validation, and display of Errors
  6. Data Pagination and Sorting
  7. Separation of Model, View, and Controller (MVC) layers
  8. Automatically keeps UI and Data objects in sync without writing code

Maintainable :

The Maintainable PHP Framework was originally built only for our own projects, then released to open source at the request of our customers. It’s designed primarily for use with small- to mid- sized applications. It is a based on the Model-View-Controller pattern and is modeled after Ruby on Rails. It aims for compatibility with PHP version 5.1.4 and later. Maintainable PHP Framework released under BSD License.

evoCore :

evoCore is the framework at the heart of the b2evolution blogging application. It is freely available for anyone to use. It is dual licensed so you can choose to use it either under the GNU GPL or the Mozilla MPL license. (b2evo for example is using it under the GPL). evoCore is also designed to work with MySQL as a back-end. You need no more than the universally available version 3.23, but evoCore can take advantage of advances features of MySQL versions 4 and 5.

Xajax :

xAjax is an open source PHP class library that allows to create quickly Ajax applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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