WikkaWiki – lightweight, and standards-compliant wiki engine

WikkaWiki is a flexible, lightweight, standards-compliant PHP wiki engine, which uses MySQL to store pages. It particularly Designed for security, performance and easy customizability, it aims at keeping its core as light and fast as possible while allowing easy extensibility through plug-ins.

It provides an intuitive interface for editing pages, adding comments, tracking and comparing revisions, setting fine-grained access privileges. WikkaWiki required PHP 4.1 or above and MySQL 3.23 or above to run smoothly.

Demo: WikkaWiki | Download: Wikka-

Some Beautiful Features of WikkaWiki:

  1. W3 compliant XHTML and CSS output
  2. Easily customizable layout with CSS-driven print support.
  3. multiple syndication feeds
  4. advanced ACL management
  5. Human- and Search-engine-friendly page titles.
  6. code blocks with syntax highlighting
  7. Free Mind XML mindmaps .
  8. images, tables, file attachments, Flash objects and embedded feeds
  9. fast, fully redesigned editor toolbar (WikkaEdit) with more Wikka-specific functionality and improved cross-browser compatibility.
  10. full revision control tools
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