apigee – Analytics and Protection for APIs and Mashups


Apigee is a website that provides analytics, protection and control for APIs. It enable API providers to understand usage, protect their app, and enforce API terms of use. It’s specially designed for product managers who provide APIs and for developers who consume APIs.



  • API analytics : Understand you customer, there usage patterns and app behavior with detailed analytics and alerts on API traffic, clients, errors, and data volumes.
  • API protection : It help you to protect your application and customers from misuse and abuse with API throttling, XML threat screening, and SLA alerts.
  • API control : Easily create and enforce a wide range of custom usage and metering policies, service tiers, SLAs, and alerts.
  • For API and mashup developers : Any one can use Apigee who depends on Web APIs – from mashup artists or mobile app developers to Web companies offering APIs.
  • Freemium and self-service : Apigee is self-service and free at under 10,000 API requests/hour. if your traffic volumes is more then 10,000 API requests/hour then you will have to go for the Premium service of Apigee.

If you Provide APIs :

If you Consume APIs :

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