Atmail 6 – Linux based Webmail Client + Email solution


Atmail is a Linux based Webmail Client + Email solution. It provide an enhanced Webmail platform for your existing mail-server via IMAP.

Atmail 6 - Linux based Webmail Client + Email solutionImage Credit: atmail 

Atmail 6 is a Zend PHP Framework powered Webmail Client and using the MVC (Model,View,Controller) principle which allow users to access IMAP Mailboxes on any server of your choice.

You and your users can experience webmail via a fluid, intuitive interface that excels aesthetically and functionally; a benchmark that very few webmail clients have achieved. you can use Atmail 6 Webmail Client as an alternative to Gmail or Exchange.

As a Webmail Client, Atmail is accessible to users via any web browser or wireless device. Requests are handled by the web-server, Apache, which runs the Atmail Webmail Client application written in PHP. It Use MySQL database to store  User Settings, Address Book, Calendar/Task, profiles and account information .

The user interface and overall appearance of Atmail Webmail Client is created using HTML templates and it is highly customizable.The HTML source code and core PHP source code are separated , so it very easy to modify the Atmail Webmail Client system as per you organization requirement.

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