The Top 25 Best Free jQuery Grid Plugins

jQuery Grid Plugins help you create a grid system and layouts for your websites, allowing designers to organize their content on a page in Pinterest style, using any combination of margins, guides, rows, and columns. The grid design is most commonly seen in newspaper and magazine layouts, consisting of columns of text and images.

Best jQuery Grid Plugins

Here Ultimate list of jQuery Grid plugins with examples and demos. The index consists of a draggable grid, grid view, grid filter, layout grid.

25 Best Free jQuery Grid Plugins

1 jQuery Bootgrid

jQuery Bootgrid is a Nice, sleek, and intuitive jQuery grid plugin specially designed for Bootstrap.


  1. lightweight footprint
  2. HTML5 and Accessibility Support
  3. Cross-Browser Support
  4. Highly configurable
  5. Server-side data loading (async)
  6. Client-side data loading (in-memory)
  7. dynamic manipulation
  8. column converter and formatter
  9. Single & multiple row selection support
  10. Flexible design

jQuery Bootgrid

2 MiniGrid

Minigrid is a minimal 2kb zero dependency cascading grid layout. It’s responsive and can be animated.


3 gridSplit

gridSplit is a jQuery grid system designed so that each cell can be “split” either horizontally or vertically. It is intended to be used as part of a larger system allowing the user free control of their widget background.


4 Gridex

Gridex is an expandable grid for Twitter bootstrap. It works with standard jQuery animation to support the older browser.


5 Grid Editor

Grid Editor is a visual javascript editor for the bootstrap 4 grid system, written as a jQuery plugin. You can create, drag, resize and delete rows and columns, and set different column widths for tablets and phones.

Grid Editor

6 Pinbox

Pinbox is a jQuery plugin to build Boxes like Pinterest. It automatically controls the different height of the boxes and layouts them appropriately.


7 DyLay

DyLay is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create a dynamic layout very easily. It is responsive and is tested in Safari, Firefox 1.5+, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9+, and Chrome. –  DyLay

8 jsTiles

jsTiles is a jQuery plugin that works beside Bootstrap and helps you create beautiful tiles. To use jsTiles, you have to combine both jQuery and Bootstrap into your project. You also have to add jQuery easing to create animations that get smoothly executed.


9 Pinto

Pinto.js is a lightweight and customizable jQuery Grid Layout plugin for creating Pinterest-like responsive grid layout. It is designed for easy use and is fully deployable within minutes.


10 wordbox

jquery.wordbox.js makes it easy to create category tags and classify labels.


11 stackgrid.js

stackgrid.js is a simple jQuery grid plugin to help you create a dynamic cascading grid.


12 jMosaic

A lightweight jQuery grid plugin can take a list of page components and arrange them in a beautiful, tight-fitted tile mosaic grid.

jMosaic Plugin

13 gridstack.js

gridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout. It’s a drag-and-drop multi-column grid that allows you to build draggable responsive bootstrap v3 friendly layouts. It also works great with knockout.js and touch devices.


14 gridify.js

gridify.js is a lightweight jQuery grid plugin for creating a Pinterest-like grid using JQuery, pure JavaScript, or YUI with the image placed.


15 Gridmanager

The plugin allows you to create, reorder, update & delete rows and columns in grid layouts used by frameworks such as Bootstrap 3.x or Foundation 5.x. It is not another Rich Text Editor and is designed to work more as a structural / page building device for web applications, custom CMS systems, etc.


16 Grid Accordion

It combines a grid gallery and an accordion slider’s functionality, offering you a unique method to showcase your portfolio.

Grid Accordion

17 hoverGrid

It’s a simple, lightweight jQuery grid plugin for creating a grid of images which when hovered reveals a caption.


18 BrickWork

A Simple Responsive jQuery Grid plugin to create Dynamic layouts. The main goal is to make the best and most customizable dynamic design plugins. When uglified, the code is 15KB.


19 Magnet

A jQuery plugin to create filterable layouts. It is produced to be as simple as possible, and It is easy to initialize and set up—all implemented with complete documentation with code snippets and samples. Bootstrap 3 is supported.


20 MixItUp

MixItUp is a jQuery grid plugin providing animated filtering and sorting that great for managing any categorized or ordered content like portfolios, galleries, and blogs. You can also use it as a powerful tool for engaging application UI and data visualization.


21 MagicWall

MagicWall is a jQuery plugin for creating an image grid that cycles through a set of images using attractive animations at a particular time interval. You can use this plugin to create a decorative part of your website, promote your work, or use it as an impressive animated background. It converts a list of images into a grid with a defined number of rows and columns.


22 Awesome Grid

It is a minimalist JavaScript grid library that allows you to display a responsive grid layout stacked on top of each other into rows and columns.

Awesome Grid

23 Klax

Klax is a multi-functional JavaScript plugin that showcases your content within the web page and offers everything you will ever need to show your items to a client. You can set the number of items present on a page and create your design with this team member, portfolio JS plugin.


24 Freewall

Freewall is a cross-browser and responsive jQuery grid plugin to help you create many types of grid layouts: flexible layouts, images layouts, nested grid layouts, metro style layouts, Pinterest-like layouts with nice CSS3 animation effects, and call back events. It’s an all-in-one solution for creating dynamic grid layouts for desktop, mobile, and tablet.


25 RowGrid.js

It is a small, lightweight jQuery grid plugin for placing images (or other items) in straight rows. it’s similar to grids on Google Image Search, Flickr, Shutterstock, and Google+ images.


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