BeWeeVee – Best Collaborative Real-time text editor


BeWeeVee is a real time collaborative online text editor that allow several persons to view and edit a shared text document at the same time, and see all of the participants’ edits in real-time using any computer to co-operate in a task, each with there own color.

BeWeeVee - Collaborative real-time web text editor

beWeeVee’s backend is written in C#/.NET and the web frontend is implemented using Silverlight 2.The beWeeVee Software Development Kit (SDK) allow user to enhance there application with live collaboration features.

By leveraging Operational Transformation properties, beWeeVee is able to synchronize data structures without requiring locking a central copy to achieve the illusion of zero latency on collaboration scenarios.

Applications can use the beWeeVee API to implement functionality such as simultaneously text editing, drawing, diagramming or simply object collection synchronization.

Features of BeWeeVee Collaborative text editor :

  • Conflict-free Data Synchronization through Peer-to-Peer Operational Transformation Engine
  • Support for .Net 3.5, .Net 4.0 and Silverlight 3.0
  • Extensibility model
  • Designed to enhance your applications’ user experience in:
    • Native support for simultaneous text edition (Ranges API)
    • Native support for .Net lists (Ranges API)
    • Support for conflict-free data synchronization (Ranges API or Native API)
  • API for .Net to include live collaboration features.
  • Support for Client-Server and Peer-to-Peer architectures.
  • JavaScript/Silverlight interoperation example.
  • WPF and Winforms technology samples
  • Support for Microsoft Peer-Networking (P2P) technology


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