Bumpbox – mootools based lightbox with PDF support


Bumpbox is a unique lightbox clone which supports not only all common media types but also PDF’s files. It’s easy to implement on your own site, Just add the scripts to your head section, add classes to your links that should use bumpbox, define a rel tag with the size that the bumpbox should have and you’re ready to Use Bumpbox .

There is no need to mention what kind of file type you wish to show in the box, Bumpbox automatically detects the file type. It uses the flowplayer media player to show flv files. If you do not intend showing flv files, you do not need to copy the flow player.min.js and the flowplayer.swf as well as the flowplayer.controls.swf to your document root.

Bumpbox is a mootools based lightbox which creates nice modal box with a bump effect. All major browsers like Firefox 3 – 3.5 , Internet Explorer 7 | 8 , Google Chrome , Apple Safari 3 | 4 , Opera 9.04 are supported to Bumpbox.

Screenshot of Bumpbox – mootools based lightbox :

  • Preview with PDF files :


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