Claroline – Open Source eLearning platform

Claroline is an easy to use, open source Learning Management System based on PHP/mySQL . Claroline is a Multilanguage supported platform which allow teachers, professors, lecturers to build effective online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the web.


With Claroline you can easily write a course description, Publish documents in any format (PDF, HTML, Office, Video…), manage public or private discussion forums ,Create groups of students, Prepare online exercises, Manage an agenda with tasks and deadlines and Publish announcements via.. e-mail and Web .

It’s not only used by schools and universities, but also by training centers, associations and companies. The User Interface of Claroline is highly customizable and offers a flexible and custom-made working environment.


  • Manage documents and links
  • Creating Online exercises with a list of questions
  • Develop learning path
  • Coordinate group work
  • Produce : assignments and wiki
  • Discuss with your group via.. chat and forum
  • Organize : agenda and announcements
  • Supervise the progress of the users and Track the statistics.

Demo: Claroline 1.9 demo

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