cmsadvantage – Professional CMS for graphic and web designers


CMSadvantage is a premier CMS service specially designed for graphic and web designers. One of the best things about cmsadvantage is that it offer many convenient features so any web and graphic designers, can make use of a content management system (CMS) that is highly accurate as well as effective and easy to use.

cmsadvantage - A premier CMS Service for graphic and web designers

it allow you to upload a template and other content as well as Automated creation of hosting account, domain name purchase, email accounts and database setup. With CMSadvantage, you can easily manage all your client’s sites under one interface.

It’s easy to set up additional sites using Site Wizard and template editor. Each site can have its own look and feel, a unique domain and varying functionality – from simple brochure websites to blogs and Real Estate sites all with email marketing. it also allows you and your clients to add, edit and format content as easily as using MS Word.

Other features include website reporting with Google Analytics integration or using any other web analytics software.


  • Forum Module : it come with Forum Template Editor to Create a forum template, make global templates and set Forum options for your clients.
  • Email Campaign Module : Clients can create, edit, preview and send unlimited e-newsletters to their client database.
  • Photo Galleries : Create any number of photo galleries with thumbnail preview and slide shows and easily Customize the layout and appearance of photo galleries.
  • Locations Module : For clients with more than one office location, can easily Add locations, along with relevant contact details and Display each office/store location on the one a Google Map with the click of a button.
  • File Browser Module : Displays a list of all files, Upload new files, including files that site visitors can download (PDF documents for instance).
  • Web Form Builder : Create a range of form fields including drop down lists, radio buttons, multi-select check boxes, free text and submit buttons.
  • Manage News : Create pages that can display virtual content, RSS feeds, sitemap, document listing, calendar, search page, forms, surveys, Locations listings, Real Estate property listings.
cmsadvantage – A premier CMS Service for graphic and web designers
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