The Best Code Review Tools for Developer


Code review is a software code testing process in which a software’s source code is analyzed manually by a developer team or an automated code review tool. It is designed to identify bugs and errors in your source code at an early stage or before merging your source code with the codebase.

It helps to avoid bugs and errors from your project by enhancing code quality early in the software development process. This post will explore many popular and helpful code review tools that help developers in their software code review process.

1 BuildPulse – Best Code Review Tools

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

Buildpulse helps you detect bugs and errors from your code and highlights the most disturbing ones to precisely understand where to maximize impact. It supports many popular test frameworks for JavaScript (Cypress, Jest), Ruby (minitest, RSpec), Go, Python, and others. Perfectly work with CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Semaphore, Travis CI, Jenkins (beta), and Buildkite (beta).

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2 Azure Pipelines

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

Azure Pipelines help you configure and manage the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for the app and platform of your choice. It offers cloud-hosted pipelines for Linux, macOS, and Windows with ten free parallel jobs and unlimited minutes for open-source projects.

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3 Datree – git-based policy engine

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

Datree is a git-based policy engine that helps your developer teams automatically implement coding standards and security policies directly within your git workflow. It connects with your Github pull requests to implement automatic policy compliance checks and insights for every code change. Create and enforce custom or built-in policies in the context of your dev stack.

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4 AccessLint – Best Code Review Tools

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

AccessLint allows automated web accessibility testing into your development workflow. It reviews the changes and comments on any new accessibility issues when a pull request gives you quick, timely, and targeted feedback before the code goes live. You can target digital accessibility by giving specific ongoing accessibility feedback to your teams. Also, quickly catch simple bugs and errors that might break your website for your audiences with disabilities.

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5 CommitCheck

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

CommitCheck will analyze every commit message to ensure all required information is available. For example, you can check that commits contain a JIRA number or ensure commits don’t contain WIP.

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6 Codebeat – Best Code Review Tools

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

Codebeat is an automated static code review tool that supports multiple languages worldwide by web and mobile developers. You can analyze code written in Swift and JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Go, Ruby, Elixir, and Python. In addition, Codebeat comes with Slack, GitHub, and BitBucket, including Pull Requests.

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7 Mergify – pull requests automation service.

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

Mergify is a pull request automation service that helps you trigger actions when your pull requests match specified guidelines. Now it’s effortless to save time by prioritizing, queueing, and automatically merging, commenting, rebasing, updating, labeling, backporting, closing, and assigning your pull requests.

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8 Sider – automated code review service for GitHub

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

It’s an automated code review tool with GitHub that analyzes code using custom rules based on project-specific knowledge and cumulative team experiences. Sider automatically alerts developers on each pull request on previously documented issues and critical information relevant to the changed code. In addition, it checks code quality, style violations, security, and dependencies and results in a comment on GitHub pull request.

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9 DeepSource – Best Code Review Tools

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

DeepSource allows you to search and fix issues during code review. It seamlessly integrates with GitHub, which helps you to analyze code instantly. In addition, the Autofix feature suggests fixes for issues detected and sends pull requests with the recommended changes. That helps you to avoid the grunt work of fixing these issues manually.

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10 Codacy – automated code review/quality tool

The Best Code Review Tools for Developer

Codacy is an automated code review/quality tool that helps developers ship better software faster. With Codacy, you get static analysis, cyclomatic complexity, duplication, and code unit test coverage changes in every commit and pull request. You can use this tool to achieve your code quality standard, save time in code reviews, implement security best practices, and onboard developers faster. Integrate with your GitHub repositories to get a quality analysis of every pull request inside GitHub.

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