Comindwork – web based Project Management and Collaboration tool


comindwork is a web based project management and collaboration tool which mainly focus on knowledge sharing and efficient communication.

Comindwork - web based Project Management and Collaboration tool

It come with Fully customizable suit of flexible wiki with permissions, issue tracking, milestones, time tracking, blogs, tags, reporting, search, RSS and many more. It’s got an user-friendly intuitive interface although containing such a variety of features. People learn how to use Comindwork during first 5 minutes. Work becomes fun when team collaborates in Comindwork.

As I say that comindwork is Collaboration tool , it means your team is able to transparently invite freelancers or clients to participate and contribute to the project. Comindwork is maintained by professional support team. You can report problems or request assistance at any moment. There are 4 support plans available with different options.

You can use Comindwork online and for free. Or you can go with self-hosted plan and put it onto your own server in your office.

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