Create a Flip 3D Switch in your browser with Fox Tab


FoxTab is a popular tab management add-on for Firefox browser that give you innovative 3D tabbed browsing functionality to your Firefox browser.

FoxTab provides a new fascinating and elegant method for finding and selecting a tab in the browser. It specially designed to be suitable for many types of users, those with only few tabs opened and those out there (like me) who usually have tons of opened tabs to select from.

The idea behind FoxTab is to provide new visual methods for quick tab switch between opened tabs and windows as never seen before on any other browser or operating system. With advance features such as grouping and filtering pages by title domain or url, FoxTab is an excellent tool for both novice and power users.

Fox Tab is very easy to use and you can easily launch by hitting CTRL+Q , and you can use the same key combination or CTRL+TAB to flip through your tabs. It offer 6 attractive layout mode. one of them are Vista’s new Flip 3D or OS X’s Cover Flow effect and other are carousel, Row, Grid, wall, Page Flow.

Screenshot of Fox Tab:

  1. Vista’s new Flip 3D or OS X’s Cover Flow effect :


  2. carousel effect Mode :


  3. Row Effect Mode :


  4. Grid Effect Mode :


  5. Wall Effect Mode:


  6. Page Flow Effect Mode:


Download: FoxTab

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