Create.js – On-site web editing interface

Create.js is an easy to use, free yet comprehensive web editing interface for Content Management Systems. The User interface of Create.js is mainly focus on simplicity and allow you to edit your site content directly from the page you’re reading. Any modification done by user stored in browser and then send to CMS instantly with One click.

Create.js - On-site web editing interface

It’s a new kind of web editing tool that give you Modern, HTML5 enabled fully browser based user interface for manage your site content. it written in JavaScript so any content management system can easily work with Create.js, Make them universal web editing interface for many CMSs like OpenCms, Symfony CMF, and Midgard have already integrated Create.js as their web editing interface.
Features of Create.js

  1. Free and open source JavaScript based web editing interface
  2. A Slick On-site Edit-In-Place Interface
  3. Compatible with any CMS
  4. Browser-based HTML5 environment for managing content.
  5. Create.js is built on top for VIE
  6. Local, in-browser storage and retrieval of unsaved content
  7. Running workflows for content items
  8. Browsing and reverting content history
  9. Easy rebranding of the interface with some CSS

Download : Create.js

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