DesignFTP – FTP Clients For Designers And Developers


Web Designers and developers always need to receive large files from Clients. One of the only efficient ways to do this is by File Transfer Protocol or FTP.

DesignFTP - File Transfer make easy for Web designers and developers

While many FTP software applications are available on the Web, but not even one FTP software can use to brand your FTP access on your website, making it easy for your clients to use? Without the need to download more software yet?

DesignFTP is a web-based file transfer tool that allows web designers, graphic designers to create an account quickly, add your FTP server, and then copy and paste one line of JavaScript code to a page on your website.

It will easily allow your clients to upload large files to your company’s FTP server from your website without Using FTP client-server software.

It emails you when the file has been received and cannot redirect the user after the upload is received.

Currently, DesignFTP available in the Public Beta version.

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