Devunity – The Best Social collaborative coding Platform

Devunity is a Simple Yet Productive Social collaborative development platform. It is the first online social development platform where any developer can develop applications together through collaboration by using your existing application and Popular Languages like PHP, python, Perl, asp, js and more.

Devunity - Social collaborative coding Platform

You can write code with your team, manage bugs, implement API and also interact with your Google code or sourceforge or any version tracking server code.

Features of Devunity – Social collaborative coding Platform

  1. Collaborate on code effectively : Collaborate with your development team online in real-time. See who does what. Everything is visual. See who is actually writing what in real-time without waiting for them to announce it. Tag pieces of code according to functionality and see code according to tags.
  2. Writing code with your friends or developers around the world : Invite people to your project, Write code together in real-time. Import your existing code from your version tracking server or Google code account.
  3. Debug and deploy your files to local hard drive : Debug your code locally with our Firefox synchronize add-on to sync your online project files with a local copy on your hard drive in a chosen directory.
  4. Develop using commonly used API without downloading a single package : Always up to date with latest API . No dependencies. Use Google, Amazon, flickr and facebook API platforms to create great applications or enrich your existing code.
  5. Start being productive with to-dos, bugs and documentation : Same features as beta bug, Open bugs and to-dos. Invite People to help out on your code and manage bugs together. Custom query for bugs and much more.
  6. Wigitize : Put your bug reporting widget on your blog. Post code from your project on your blog and have a discussion on it. All done using our widgets.
  7. Share segments of your code for use of your team or the entire community and Use code shared by other team members or the devunity community with easy to use intuitive interface.
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