Dimdim – Browser based web conferencing tool


Dimdim is a Easy to use browser based open source web conferencing tool that allow you to share your documents, webcams, web pages, whiteboards, pass control to multiple presenters. even you can record your meetings online all without installing any software.

With User-friendly Interface, you can more focus on your meetings – not the technology. it’s Completely web based conferencing tool it means Meeting hosts and the people you invite to your meeting do not have to install anything – even to broadcast audio or video! (A tiny plug-in is required only if you want to share your desktop.)

Dimdim’s Key Features :

  • It’s Easy, Open & Affordable
  • No Install to Host/Join meetings
  • Easy to Share Computer Screens & WebPages
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Share & Present PowerPoint and PDFs Documents
  • Private & Public Chat
  • Whiteboard & Annotations
  • Record and Embed Meetings Source and Open APIs
  • Webinar Widgets & Reports
  • Free for up to 20 participants
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