Downloadify – Client-Side File Generation tool


Downloadify is a lightweight JavaScript and Flash based library that allow you to easily generate files on the browser and saving them without any server requests.

It uses Flash 10’s ability to generate files on the client-side trigger a save to the user’s computer.

As Flash 10 has been gaining broad use and is now past a 93% install base, its time to make broad use of this feature!

There is one catch: the user must click something in the Flash file to trigger the download for security reasons.

Downloadify couples JavaScript callbacks with the Downloadify.swf to allow your code to respond to the click event and pass in your data at that time.

Whatever data is passed in from your function will be saved to their hard-drive when and where they select.


  1. Super small: ~3KB of JavaScript, ~2KB SWF, ~2KB Image
  2. Enables the creation and download of any text based file without requiring server interaction.
  3. Enables faster downloads when repurposing data already contained in a page. (vCard, iCal, etc)
  4. Only requires swfobject. No other JavaScript library or framework is required for use.
  5. Normal, Hover, and Down states on the download image.
  6. Open Source code released under the MIT License
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