Email-Based Collaboration made easy with tgethr

While there are many new collaboration tools available on web, But Some people think that the Email is still the easiest way to collaborate with people on the net. That’s the idea behind Tgethr. Tgethr is a simple email collaboration tool which allow you to easily collaborate with a group of people on projects via email.

Email-Based Collaboration made easy with tgethr

It Provides a single email address for your group: so anyone in the group send a single email on that address and the whole group member gets a copy. you can easily Attach files, include links to videos, audio, or images. Even cc: or bcc: the group address for everyone to read.All the messages and files are archived online.

All email safely encrypted by tgethr between everyone in your group so no one can snoop on your sensitive business. it give you chances to send a single email to multiple groups with an image thumbnail support system that converts images to viewable thumbnails in your email to save your inbox from becoming overstuffed.


  • Write to one email address
  • Web and Email security
  • Write to multiple groups
  • Image thumbnail support to avoid inbox overstuffed
  • iPhone Support
  • Search anything across all your groups by using "#ideas" tags
  • Online summary view
  • cc: or bcc: for your group to easily track correspondence
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