Ember – Your online design scrapbook


ember is the best way to share your design inspiration with the world – from WebPages to screenshots, design to illustration, Ember is built for creative’s looking to build an online design scrapbook.

Ember - Your online design scrapbook

It allow you to build collections from any image on the service – regardless of whether you uploaded the original. Just create a collection and start adding images as you browse the site!

If you like someone’s uploads or collections, you can easily keep track of their future uploads by following them, and any other Ember user can opt to follow your uploads too! 

The Ember accounts are available at two levels: Basic and Pro. Basic accounts are advertising-supported and allow the user to upload a maximum of 30 images per month, as well as creating a maximum of 3 collections per account. For $24 per year, Pro users are not shown adverts, can upload an unlimited number of images and create as many collections as they wish.

Ember Features :

  • Super-stylish sharing of images with comments
  • Collections – Super-flexible collections mean that users can compile a set of similar images from across the service, regardless of whoever uploaded the image originally.
  • Full privacy settings – users can choose whether all images should be private or public, as well as toggling the privacy on a per-image – and per-collection – basis.
  • Easy sharing of uploads – The custom embr.it short URL and built-in Twitter integration allow the user to quickly share uploads.
  • Categories – Curated by the Realmac Software team, the categories allow users to submit their inspiration to be featured in different categories such as Portfolios, Web Apps, User Interface Design and more.
  • Easy upload from Realmac Software’s LittleSnapper applications for Mac OS X and iPhone.
  • Full API for third-party developers to use.
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