Enhance your flickr search with Flair


Flair is a Adobe Air based application which allow you to easily search Flickr images from Flickr database for matched your photo tags.

Once Flair complete the Search results, it displayed images as thumbnails, you can then view a larger size of an image which also provides the uploader’s user information and clicking on user’s icon takes you directly to the user’s Photo stream.

Flair perfectly matches search queries by tags and makes it easy to view the original resolution upload.

From the flair admin panel you can search almost every pictures related to your flickr Tag without browsing the Main flickr Website.

The flickr search result displayed as thumbnails, So you can easily view a larger size of an image, when you clicking on the image thumbnails and it also has the option to view the image at Flickr.

Flair should work on Windows, Linux and Mac as it is based on Adobe Air platform. Download Flair

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