EtherPad – Real-time Collaborative Text Editing tool

etherpad is a web based Collaborative Text Editing tool that allows people to work together in really real-time like Google Docs.

it is very useful whenever multiple people edit the same document simultaneously and see all of the participants’ edits in real-time, each in their own color,so you can easily and Quickly know who contributed for which document. any changes are instantly reflected on everyone’s screen. This means more efficient meetings, more useful notes, and fewer misunderstandings.

With EtherPad, you can instantly start working on your document without sign-up and easily collaborate with your co-workers with sharing your workspace’s URL.

Here the live preview for EtherPad – Real-time Collaborative Text Editing tool.



Etherpad Live video Demo :

EtherPad – Real-time Collaborative Text Editing tool
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