12 useful Firefox Add-ons for Web Developer


Firefox has all kinds of add-ons for everyone to personalize your browsing experience and some of Add- ons that can save you time and open up new opportunities if you are Web Developer. Firefox Add-ons are extensions of the Firefox browser that add new functionality to Firefox or change its appearance. Here we have listed 12 most popular Firefox Add-ons for Web Developer

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  1. Ghostery :

    Ghosteryimage credit :Ghostery

    Ghostery alerts you about the web bugs, ad networks and widgets on every page on the web. Web bugs are hidden scripts that track your behavior and are used by the sites you visit to understand their own audience. Ghostery is free to download, free to use, and does not contain any adware or spyware. Ghostery is developed by David Cancel .

  2. Force Content-Type :

    Force Content-Type

    Force Content-Type Firefox extension is very useful to avoid the “tag soup” when you are developing a XHTML Web page and want Firefox to use its internal XML parser. If the Web server is not correctly configured, it will serve the page with a text html; Content-Type (a tag soup), instead of sending it as application/xhtml+xml; and therefore avoiding Firefox to treat the page as pure XML. Force Content-Type allows you to define the Content-Type of some URLs (using Regular Expressions), overriding the web servers incorrect Content-Type.

  3. Context Style Switcher

    Context Style Switcherimage credit:Context Style Switcher

    Context Style Switcher is a Firefox extension with which you can change the context style of a webpage via context menu or toolbar button..

  4. FireShot:


    FireShot is a Firefox extension that creates screenshots of web pages (entirely or just visible part). In this plug-in you get a set of editing and annotation tools, which let you quickly modify web captures and insert text annotations and graphical annotations. Such functionality will be especially useful for web designers, testers and content reviewers.

    • easily e-mailed your screenshots of web pages .
    • copied to clipboard
    • print your screenshots of web pages .
    • saved to your favorite file format (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP)
    • uploaded to FREE public screenshot hosting.
  5. Remove It Permanently :


    Permanently hide content from web pages using the Context Menu. Simply, click and “Remove it Permanently” any item you can select . It provide a flexible and easily configurable solution to removing unwanted content from a web page. Remove It Permanently smoothly work with Firefox: 1.0 – 3.5 versions.

  6. SenSEO


    SenSEO analyzes web pages and tells you how good they fulfill on-page Search Engine optimization criteria. SenSEO is a Firefox add-on integrated with the popular Firebug web development tool. The code is based on the YSlow extension.

  7. FirePHP :


    FirePHP enables you to log to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP method call. All data is sent via response headers and will not interfere with the content on your page. FirePHP is ideally suited for AJAX development where clean JSON and XML responses are required.

  8. Link Evaluator :


    Link Evaluator works as an enhanced Link Checker – both for the links on the current Web page and for the Bookmarked links. Link Evaluator is a Firefox extension designed to help users evaluate the availability of online resources linked to from a given Web page. it automatically follows all links on the current page, and assesses the responses of each URL (link).
    After each link is checked, it is highlighted with a color based on the relative success of the result: green for fully successful, shades of yellow for partly successful, and red for unsuccessful.

  9. Firefinder for Firebug:


    FireFinder plugin for Firebug lets you quickly find and highlight HTML elements that match a CSS selector or XPath expression . Type in desired filter and view the results.

  10. HTML Regex Data Extractor :


    A Regular Expression testing tool . HTML Regex Data Extractor has the ability to place a new sidebar in your Firefox browser so that you can easily run different types of regular expressions on any desired html website. its an Useful Firefox extension for those who work on crawling website data.

    How to use:

    • Press Alt-R to test with your custom content –
    • Press Ctrl-U or right-click and choose “View Page Source” to test with HTML source of current page –
    • When you are viewing the source code, to show/hide the Regular Expression Bar, on Toolbar,
    • choose View RegexHTML.
  11. YSlow :


    YSlow analyzes web pages and why they’re slow based on Yahoo!’s rules for high performance web sites. it uses Yahoo!’s Smush.it service, which is subject to Smush.it . YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the Firebug web development tool.
    YSlow give ranked the web pages based on there three predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset. It offers suggestions for improving the page’s performance, summarizes the page’s components, displays statistics about the page, and provides tools for performance analysis, including Smush.it™ and JSLint.

  12. HeadingsMap :


    HeadingsMap A Firefox extension generates an index of any web document structured with headings.

    • It shows the headings structure of the main content and of other document embedded through IFRAME element .
    • It shows the level of the headings and the errors in the structure.
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