Fluxiom – web-based knowledge management tool


Fluxiom is a web based knowledge management tool and Online Storage service. With fluxiom you can easily share files across your company with your clients or co-workers.

To easily find what you sharing, it automatically creates thumbnails and resizable previews for over 100 file formats, including PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF and more. it also creates video-previews for formats like MPEG, MP4, AVI or QuickTime.


Simple Yet powerful fluxiom search engine allow you to search not only the title but also through your assets’ metadata information, which ranges from document author, number of pages or image resolution to advanced information like color profiles or authoring software.It helps you to manage all types of documents, images and files simply and easily via the web.

Every fluxiom account includes a full-featured dropbox, allowing you to receive files directly online, no configuration required. The upload is secure and files are immediately processed by fluxiom’s trademark engine for immediate access.


  • Import and tag all kinds of files
  • Create and customize your tags according to your requirement
  • Search without typing : Just switch tags on or off and the asset view will immediately display the related assets.
  • Easily Send any size of file or sets of files to anyone you like.
  • it offer powerful Fluxiom API for developer to develop Add-Ons for Fluxiom which easily integrate with any third-party software,including desktop-based photo software, CMS systems, Websites and OS X Dashboard or Yahoo! widgets.
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